Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bathroom demolition before the renovation

If you're renovating your bathroom and planning on doing it from scratch, the first thing that you're going to do is to remove the existing bathroom accessories and fixtures. The process may actually be fun, but it's still work. You also should be careful about potential hazards when demolishing the space.

To start, create a plan - even if it's just in your head - on which things are going or staying and where the pieces will be disposed. Then, make sure that all water valves are close - you wouldn't want the space flooding.

Once everything's prepped, take out your tools and start with the small bathroom accessories like the faucets, towel bars and racks. Try not to break them - you never know who might just need a faucet.

After all the bathroom accessories are removed, then you can start with the bigger pieces like the bathroom vanity. For fixtures that you know are going to trash, it's okay to swing a mallet their way - we know that this is when the fun part really happens - just be careful of flying debris!