Monday, July 25, 2011

Avoid these mistakes when renovating your bathroom

Are you planning on redoing your outdated bathroom? There are many things you can do to create the space of your dreams, but along that path are also plenty of setbacks that you should avoid.

According to TLC, the first mistake that people often make when remodeling their bathroom is having a small budget for a big project. You have to be able to set aside extra money for unforeseen circumstances. For example, tearing that bathroom vanity down might expose major mold problems that you weren't expecting.

Another mistake that people could make when renovating is not allocating enough storage space. That pedestal sink might be a beautiful addition to the bathroom, but you have to think about the storage space you're willing to sacrifice if you opt for one as opposed to a bathroom vanity with under-the-sink cabinets.

TLC also explains that thinking in the short-term could be a major mistake. "Anticipating your future needs and keeping your bathroom's appeal universal can save you money in the long run and pay dividends when you go to sell your home."