Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Add a towel ladder in the bathroom for a functional and rustic touch

Are you looking for ways to hang your towels in the bathroom? If you have a rustic aesthetic, reminiscent of cozy cottages and ranch-style homes, a steel towel bar might not necessarily be the right choice for the space. Instead, a cool towel ladder could be used to complement the style of the bathroom.

For a space next to your bathroom vanity, a towel ladder can easily be propped against the wall - just remember to add non-slip cushions underneath to prevent the fixture from falling. The piece can be used to hang hand towels as well as other decorative pieces that will add appeal to the space.

To help dry your used towels, a ladder next to the shower or bathtub will allow you to easily hang your wet towels to dry.

When choosing a piece, just be sure that it will be the right size for the space and that it will complement your existing décor. A ladder with a distressed look, for instance, could seem out of place next to a modern bathroom vanity.