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Making over your bathroom based on a favorite hobby
Posted on Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making over your bathroom? It can be difficult to find a theme that you can use in the space that will speak to you and will reflect your true personality. However, if you have a favorite hobby that you do all the time, why not use that as inspiration to create a meaningful yet practical space for your everyday use?

If you enjoy being in the open sea on your boat, for instance, you can opt for a cool nautical theme in the bathroom - just don't go overboard. Instead of taking it literal with a shower curtain and window treatments covered in boats and anchors or ship wheels on the walls, keep the look understated by picking apart the theme and pulling out specific points like the color palette or an element like wood that you can use as bathroom accessories.

Is your guitar your life? You don't have to hang musical instruments all over your bathroom to create a musically-inspired space. Instead, look for accent pieces that will remind you of what you love. Look for musical note decals that can be placed on the wall for a cool focal point, or you can opt for a bathroom vanity with a wood finish similar to your guitar's.


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Think gold is too gauche for you taste? Think again. The element, which is unfortunately associated with kitsch and 60s ultra-glam when it comes to interior design, is actually making a comeback - you just have to know how to use it.

To avoid a cliché and outdated look, you have to use gold sparingly or in just one area of the space. In the bathroom, for instance, you need to stay away from matchy-matchy bathroom accessories and fixtures - faucets, shower metal trims and towel bars in the same gold finishes will have guests wondering if King Midas lived in the home.

Instead, focus the element on one focal point to create impact in the space. A contemporary gold chandelier, for instance, can create a cozy effect in the room the moment the light hits the metal plates and reflects the shine around the space. For the ultimate statement, you can even gold leaf a whole wall to act as an accent piece in the room. Just remember to keep everything else neutral, and everyone's eyes will surely look at nothing else. 

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Are you looking for ideas for your bathroom makeover? It can be hard at times to think of an overall theme, especially if you have an eclectic taste, but there are some styles that might just work in any bathroom space.

Mosaic tiles, for instance, are making a huge comeback, not only for utilitarian purposes but also for decorative appeal. Opt for these tiles as a backsplash for your bathroom vanity, or you can even cover a whole wall for accent.

Another trend that's making waves in bathrooms across the country is adding impact through a show-stopping focal point. Choose one area in the bathroom that will bring that extra pizzazz in the space. It could be a one-of-a-kind vessel sink on a bathroom vanity or an ulta-glamorous chandelier on the ceiling.

Lastly, choosing eclectic pieces in the bathroom is the perfect way to complement any style. The mix of old and new bathroom accessories and fixtures creates a truly personal space that's not only functional but also beautiful. 

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If there was a room in your home that you think should be the first to get remodeled, which would it be? In an investment point-of-view, many would argue that out of all the rooms in a house, the bathroom may just get you the biggest bang for your buck.

"A bathroom remodel is probably the safest place to put your money," Money Magazine writer Cybele Weisser tells DIY Network. In fact, remodeling a bathroom can get you a return on investment of up to 102 percent, according to Remodeling Magazine. So if you do have the cash to spend, spend it on a bathroom renovation.

Besides increasing the overall value of your home, a sparkling new bathroom is also good for the mind, body and soul. Considered to be one of the most utilitarian spaces in the home, it only makes sense that your experience in it should be a comfortable one. When renovating, consider your taste and what makes the space work for you, whether it's a bathroom vanity with tons of storage space or a super relaxing whirlpool bathtub.


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If you're renovating your bathroom and planning on doing it from scratch, the first thing that you're going to do is to remove the existing bathroom accessories and fixtures. The process may actually be fun, but it's still work. You also should be careful about potential hazards when demolishing the space.

To start, create a plan - even if it's just in your head - on which things are going or staying and where the pieces will be disposed. Then, make sure that all water valves are close - you wouldn't want the space flooding.

Once everything's prepped, take out your tools and start with the small bathroom accessories like the faucets, towel bars and racks. Try not to break them - you never know who might just need a faucet.

After all the bathroom accessories are removed, then you can start with the bigger pieces like the bathroom vanity. For fixtures that you know are going to trash, it's okay to swing a mallet their way - we know that this is when the fun part really happens - just be careful of flying debris!

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Latest color trends in the bathroom
Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2011

Neutral tones have always been a staple in many bathrooms around the country, but it seems that the trend is changing with accent colors becoming more popular than ever.

"It used to be that there wasn't a lot of color in the bathroom, so more color is definitely a newer trend," interior decorator and author Jamie Drake tells DIY Network. "You still see a lot of the white, crisp spa-like solutions, but even those often have bright accents," he adds. Of course, different colors can create a different mood and atmosphere to the bathroom, and depending on your taste, you can opt for a tone that best fits the aesthetic that you're aiming for.

For the look of a spa, colors like sapphire blue and seafoam green are great options for a spring makeover, explains the news source. During the winter, richer colors like maroons and warm shades of brown are the perfect additions.

Just remember that the color of the walls should still reflect the overlook style of the bathroom, so take into consideration your existing fixtures like your bathroom vanity, as well as any other bathroom accessories that are currently in the space.


Are you in the process of a bathroom renovation but can't seem to make up your mind about how it's going to look? Why not go the luxurious route and create a space that's fit for royalty?

Everyone wants to feel like royalty once in a while, and there's no better place to feel like a king or queen than in a bathroom. Starting with the fixtures, opt for super luxurious features in the space, like a whirlpool or a bathtub for a truly opulent soaking experience. For the bathroom vanity, a piece with wood cabinets that have ornate detailing and a marble countertop screams sophistication. You can even add some form of seating, like a stool or lounge chair, in the space because there's nothing better than sitting on a comfortable chair while waiting for the tub to fill.

For decors, look for functional but still beautiful bathroom accessories to place in the room. When it comes to lighting, go big by installing a chandelier to elevate the overall royal look of your bathroom.

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Everyone has different tastes for anything and everything. When it comes to design, for instance, there's a variety of styles that may look amazing for some and not so hot for others. So if you're making over your bathroom, how would you know which style would fit best for the space?

Well, there are a lot of factors you can take into consideration, and first is the style of your home. If you have a modern apartment, a vintage-style bathroom might seem out of place. Instead, opt for bathroom accessories that are more contemporary and complementary to the overall look of your house.

The next factor is the budget that you're allocating for the makeover. You might have been inspired to recreate a French inspired bathroom, but it might be difficult to accomplish without a few thousand dollars to spend on an antique bathroom vanity.

Finally, perhaps the most important factor is your satisfaction. If you have more of an eclectic personality, let it shine through in your bathroom.

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The bathroom vanity used to be just another fixture in the bathroom. These days, however, this furniture piece has become more of the star of the space, serving as a focal point that instantly attracts a viewer's attention and pulls together the whole look of the bathroom.

For the ultimate bathroom vanity in your space, there are many options you can choose that will create a room which you will surely love - it all depends on your taste and the look of your home. If you're in search for something to complement a traditional theme, you can opt for a beautiful antique bathroom vanity - something that feels and looks like a gorgeous furniture piece as opposed to a practical solution to your hygienic needs. You can then design the whole bathroom based on this piece.

With the ornate carved detailing and the curved silhouette of most antique bathroom vanities, a claw foot bathtub might just be the perfect addition to elevate the look of the space. Splash rich colors on the walls and you'll have a gorgeous traditional bathroom in no time.

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"Form follows function" is a phrase that many people have heard before, but what does it really mean? In a design sense, this means that the space and its furnishings have to be practical, first and foremost, before you ponder their look and shape. This is especially important in the bathroom considering the space is perhaps the most utilitarian of all rooms in the home.

Sticking to this ideology means understanding the uses of your bathroom accessories and fixtures. The bathroom vanity's main purpose, for instance, is to allow people to wash their hands and as storage. If the furniture prevents you from doing these things then it's not a very functional bathroom vanity - no matter how beautiful it might be, you should consider other options.

If your bathtub gives you backaches every time you soak in it, then it's practically defeating the purpose of having one, no matter how it looks.

When renovating your bathroom and looking for fixtures on the market, just remember to search beyond the aesthetics and see them for their practical applications in your space.

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Go traditional to match your home's Victorian aesthetic
Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Different homes have a variety of architectural styles and detailing. A Victorian era house, for instance, is characterized by the use of bricks and glass, as well as plenty of wood panelings inside. If you have an old home in this style, why not continue the theme when renovating your bathroom to add to that old-world charm?

Start with an antique bathroom vanity to set the tone of the space. A furniture piece with ornate carved detailing and a curvy silhouette can become the focal point of the room. Not only will this bathroom vanity be a gorgeous addition, it's also a functional piece that's necessary for your everyday grooming needs.

To continue the Victorian theme, a bathtub with claw feet creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that'll make you want to jump in and soak for hours on end.

Also, don't forget about the color on the walls. Look for a palette with rich shades that can pull the whole room together to create a space that will complement the overall aesthetic of your home.


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Is your bathroom a mess? Let's face it: Many of us find it difficult to properly organize our bathrooms - only because the space houses so many things, from hygienic products to makeup. Without proper storage in the room, bottles of medicine, nail clippers and other knickknacks end up cluttering the countertop of your bathroom vanity or worse - they end up getting spilt on the floor.

Without having to sacrifice the look of the room, a medicine cabinet is the perfect solution for any storage needs. The great thing about these mounted fixtures is that they come in a variety to complement any space. For a multi-functional piece, opt for a recessed medicine cabinet with a mirror, which can be placed in front of the bathroom vanity for easy access. Additionally, the storage unit can also come as a beautiful cabinet with wood paneling, adding to the overall look and feel of the bathroom without crowding it.

For your clutter problems in the bathroom, a medicine cabinet might just be the best furniture that you can add.

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If you're renovating a bathroom in your house, one thing to take into consideration is the layout of the space. This is especially important if you're planning on relocating different fixtures. Before doing so, you might want to remember a few factors to ensure that you will have a comfortable time when using the bathroom.

The first thing that you have to consider is the convenience of the location of the bathroom fixtures. Especially in a small bathroom, there will be instances where you would have to compromise. It may be ideal to place the bathtub next to the window, but if doing so will limit the placement of the bathroom vanity then you might want to rethink your options.

Giving enough space for proper use of the fixtures is another thing that should not be taken for granted. The toilet, for instance, should have enough leg room - at least two to five feet on both sides - for easy use.

Finally, do remember that moving a bathroom fixture means moving the plumbing, and hiring a plumber and buying the equipment needed will cost money.

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Are you looking for ways to hang your towels in the bathroom? If you have a rustic aesthetic, reminiscent of cozy cottages and ranch-style homes, a steel towel bar might not necessarily be the right choice for the space. Instead, a cool towel ladder could be used to complement the style of the bathroom.

For a space next to your bathroom vanity, a towel ladder can easily be propped against the wall - just remember to add non-slip cushions underneath to prevent the fixture from falling. The piece can be used to hang hand towels as well as other decorative pieces that will add appeal to the space.

To help dry your used towels, a ladder next to the shower or bathtub will allow you to easily hang your wet towels to dry.

When choosing a piece, just be sure that it will be the right size for the space and that it will complement your existing décor. A ladder with a distressed look, for instance, could seem out of place next to a modern bathroom vanity.

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Keeping your bathroom safe for you and your family
Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No one wants an unsafe home, especially when you have children. Every room should be free of hazards, but sometimes, accidents just happen no matter how assured you are of your home safety.

In the bathroom, for instance, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains that in 2008, 21.8 million Americans have been injured in the space, costing more than $67 billion in medical costs. The news source adds that two-thirds of all the injuries occurred in the bathtub or shower. If you're worried about your safety in the bathroom, there are many things that you can do to make sure that no one gets injured.

Perhaps the best thing to do to prevent falls and slips is to purchase a non-slip mat that can be placed in the shower. Additionally, being cautious of spills and cleaning them up right away will help keep the space a little safer for everyone. You can also install a bath tub rail or bar for support.


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Bathroom and tiles almost always go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, tiles that have been improperly installed or cracked grout can cause serious damage from water exposure. This seems to be the reason behind a growing popularity with single slab marble in showers and bathroom vanity countertops.

Shawn Daghigh of EuroStoneCraft explains that one piece of marble is all you need for the shower. "The shower floor pan is a solid stone slab custom-made to your shower width … so there's no water-exposed grouting, no cracking or leakage," he told the Burke Connection. "This means there's no mold buildup, and no need for time-intensive maintenance," he added.

Besides being able to customize marble to fit any area in the bathroom, the material also comes in a variety of colors, so you'll be sure to find a shade to suit your bathroom aesthetic. For a traditional look, for instance, marble in white with gray veins can be added. The metamorphic rock also comes in a blue and white combination for those who prefer a bold approach in the bathroom. 

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Making your children brush their teeth or wash their hands is not always an easy task. There always seems to be an excuse, whether they're tired or just want to watch more TV. But there are things that you can do to make sure that they stick to good bathroom habits.

According to Sulphur Daily News, making the task fun, first of all, can be a surefire way to get the kids in the bathroom. "Cartoon character-inspired soaps, including some that transfer a stamp to the hand when the pump is depressed, add an element of fun to the process and are designed to make certain kids don't forget to use soap when they're washing," the news source explains one way of washing hands fun.

Additionally, making the space more convenient so they can easily use it is one way of attracting the kids. Make sure that your children have the right tools to ensure that their trip to the bathroom is easy and stress-free. The bathroom vanity, for instance, can be more accessible if a child has a stool to use.


Brown is the color of earth, wood and rocks. Using this color palette for your bathroom renovation truly sets the tone for a natural and organic space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Start with the bathroom vanity. A piece with wood cabinets can instantly add a sense of warmth to any space. For a more traditional setting, opt for an antique bathroom vanity with intricate carvings. A contemporary design, on the other hand, can easily be accentuated with a sleek and sophisticated piece with straight lines, minimal detailing and a dark stain.

For the floor, those who would like to go for the look of wood without having to use the material can go for tiles that mimic grains of wood. Granite or ceramic tiles in a dark tone can also be used, symbolizing the earth and taking the look of the outdoors in.

As an accent piece, you can also add faux wood paneling to a wall, which will undoubtedly add to the warmth and coziness of the space, reminiscent of old rustic bathrooms.

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If you're leaning towards a modern aesthetic for your next bathroom makeover, why not make it extraordinary by creating a space that's not only useful but also beautiful and worthy of a modern art exhibit?

There's been a recent surge of manufacturers creating one-of-a-kind bathroom accessories and fixtures that showcase a truly modern aesthetic. Bath tubs and bathroom vanities become gorgeous sculptural pieces - even the toilet has been given a facelift to fit a modern bathroom setting. Besides the fixtures, art pieces can also be great additions to add to the room's look and feel.

The modern palette normally involves using neutral tones like white and gray, so use this as the backdrop for a focal point in the bathroom, such as an abstract painting. Opt for a bright colored artwork or one with contrasting hues, and it will surely pop out of the wall. You can also go for a sculptural piece that can be placed on the countertop of the bathroom vanity or on an accent table if you have the space. 

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Wall mount faucets adds elegance to any bathroom
Posted on Monday, July 25, 2011

The bathroom may be a utilitarian space, but it can also be used to showcase your unique design aesthetic. If you're looking for a feature to add to the room, why not install something that's a beautiful and practical asset which can be used by everyone?

A wall mount faucet, for instance, is a design that's gaining momentum in bathroom design. Instead of being installed on the lavatory, these bathroom accessories are mounted on the wall, creating a flow that's as practical for washing hands as it is beautiful. These kinds of faucets are normally paired with a vessel sink to inspire an organic look in the bathroom.

To give your bathroom vanity a contemporary feel, opt for a faucet in brushed steel or chrome that will add some sparkle to the space. The minimalist look of the faucet will truly set your bathroom apart from any other and create a focal point that you and your guests will surely enjoy for years to come.

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Are you planning on redoing your outdated bathroom? There are many things you can do to create the space of your dreams, but along that path are also plenty of setbacks that you should avoid.

According to TLC, the first mistake that people often make when remodeling their bathroom is having a small budget for a big project. You have to be able to set aside extra money for unforeseen circumstances. For example, tearing that bathroom vanity down might expose major mold problems that you weren't expecting.

Another mistake that people could make when renovating is not allocating enough storage space. That pedestal sink might be a beautiful addition to the bathroom, but you have to think about the storage space you're willing to sacrifice if you opt for one as opposed to a bathroom vanity with under-the-sink cabinets.

TLC also explains that thinking in the short-term could be a major mistake. "Anticipating your future needs and keeping your bathroom's appeal universal can save you money in the long run and pay dividends when you go to sell your home."

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People have varying tastes when it comes to interior design. From eclectic to traditional, everyone has a specific aesthetic that they gravitate towards. Of course, it's only natural to showcase style in your home, but what if you have plans of selling your house in the future? Could being too trendy be a hindrance when it's time for potential buyers to visit your abode?

In the bathroom, for instance, having state-of-the-art bathroom accessories and fixtures are major selling points, but an out-of-the-ordinary color palette might just turn some people off. Tina Fountain Realtors explains that you have to "try to appeal to the widest audience as possible when designing your bathroom."

For a quick return on investment, a more contemporary style bathroom might just do the trick. Instead of installing that flashy fixture or bathroom vanity, opt for a piece that's simple and timeless while complementing the rest of your space without being too loud.

In the end, your house is your home, and having a comfortable and cozy abode is all about customizing and making it your own.

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The bathroom may be the most functional space in the home, but it doesn't mean it can't be a beautiful room that's properly accessorized and styled. For your next makeover project, why not transform your bathroom from drab to absolutely fab?

Perhaps the problem that most people have when decorating their bathrooms is that there's not enough space to put anything! So what you can do is add bathroom accessories that are not only beautiful but also functional. For the countertop of your bathroom vanity, opt for gorgeous containers that will be able to store personal products like your cotton balls or ear swabs. A decorative plate can be placed underneath for that added touch of sophistication.

Another spot in the bathroom that you can decorate is the top of the toilet. You can create a beautiful focal point by placing an indoor potted plant or a group of scented candles on the tank.

For the ultimate marriage in form and function, decorative towels in fun designs and patterns can be placed on the towel rack for guests to use.

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There's something about the sight and sound of flowing water that truly relaxes the mind, body and soul. Whether it's from a fountain at the park or a meandering stream in the backyard, hearing the calming rush of water takes many to a tranquil place. In the bathroom, a water feature could be the perfect addition to create a spot in the home where you can surely unwind after a hard day's work.

Soaking in a bath tub is relaxing in itself, but adding a water feature like a small fountain can create a sanctuary that's fit just for you. Different models come in a variety of sizes to cater to your space requirements - some may require a corner while others can be placed right on your bathroom vanity. For a true experience in the bathroom, a waterfall can be the perfect addition to make you feel like you're right outdoors. Place this lovely accessory next to the bath tub or your whirlpool and you'll feel at ease in no time.

The best part about these lovely decors is that you're not wasting any water at all. The motor pump circulates the water that you put in, recycling the fluid in a cycle for your enjoyment.


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Consider a ranch-style makeover for the bathroom
Posted on Sunday, July 24, 2011

If you've seen an episode or two of those TV shows where they showcase vacation homes, you've probably noticed many ranch-style houses with understated elegance. If you're looking to do over your bathroom, why not take those homes as inspiration and create a one-of-a-kind space that you can surely enjoy for years to come?

The first thing to consider is using the right type of materials to create that rustic feel in the bathroom. Opt for simple yet striking elements like weathered wood beams and rough-cut stones. For a color palette, go for terracotta and earth tones on the wall and the floor. You can also look for a distressed antique bathroom vanity to complete the ranch-style look. "While the materials are ageless, their strong, simple good looks, relying more on texture than on artifice, create a rather contemporary mood," explains TLC.

To create a more transitional space that marries the old and the new, opt for a contemporary bathroom vanity instead, composed of materials like glass and steel.

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In a minimalist bathroom design, it's all about complementing pieces that don't detract from each other. With a neutral color palette and bathroom accessories that blend harmoniously with the rest of the space, choosing a bathroom vanity that fits the category might be easier said than done.

How hard can it be? Choosing a contemporary bathroom vanity should be the obvious choice for a minimalist bathroom, but there are still many options to consider.

Other than the color of the piece, factors like its design and functionality should be important things to think about as well. For that true contemporary look, opt for a bathroom vanity with a streamlined design, composed of straight lines and minor detailing. The materials used can also be a crucial factor to consider - will a stainless steel bathroom vanity be too much in the space? Will the wood cabinets be too distracting?

A bathroom vanity that's low-key and minimal can easily be integrated in a space with a contemporary aesthetic.


Are you always stressed out after a hard day's work? Working more than 40 hours a week can surely take its toll - not only on you, but also your loved one. If you're looking for ways to spark some romance back into your life, why not create a delightful getaway in the bathroom that both you and your sweetie can enjoy?

Having a romantic retreat in the bathroom is all about creating a refined and opulent ambiance in the space without making it too stuffy. An antique bathroom vanity, for instance, is the perfect addition as long as you stick to a neutral palette so the piece won't overwhelm the rest of the room. Go for light browns and shades of peach to create a luxurious atmosphere.

Additionally, different bathroom accessories and décor can add to the romantic feel of the room. Opt for the right window treatments that will complement the mood of the space while providing privacy for you and your loved one.


Is your bathroom stale and boring? There's truly nothing wrong with a simple bathroom, but wouldn't it be nice if the space was actually an inviting and cozy sanctuary that you can just walk into and suddenly feel relaxed and at ease? This can actually be achieved by using the right colors in the room.

For that much-needed warm glow in your space, "choose two adjacent colors you love and balance them with their opposite colors. To get the cozy effect of warmth in [the] bathroom, choose two soft tones. Or choose deeper colors that will give your bathroom more energy and a vibrant feel," explains TLC.

The news source showcased a bathroom that used shades of yellow and gold on one wall and contrasted them with a plum tone on another wall. The effect creates a truly warm glow that's as cozy as the sunlight shining through on a lazy Sunday afternoon. For a transitional look, opt for more contemporary bathroom accessories in steel or chrome to contrast the traditional colors of the space.

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Choosing the right focal point in your bathroom
Posted on Friday, July 22, 2011

A focal point in a room is any décor or furniture that grabs the viewers' attention the moment they walk in. This piece also anchors down the whole look and feel of the space, establishing the overall aesthetic. In the bathroom, there are several pieces that you can choose as the right focal point.

Do you have a window overlooking some gorgeous scenery? Instead of covering it up, accessorize the window with the right treatments that can allow the view to be the focal point of the room.

An antique bathroom vanity is another focal point that you can take advantage of. If you have a piece with rich dark woods, painting the walls in a neutral color will allow the vanity to pop out and catch everyone's attention. You can even dress it up with the right wall mirror and wall sconces.

In a powder room with little space, the sink itself can create impact - opt for a vessel sink with intricate detailing or a color that contrasts the rest of the decor in the room.

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We normally don't take notice of it and yet we practically use it every day - the toilet is a fixture used in most bathrooms around the world, making it an innovation that's been in use since the 1700s. As useful as it is, one particular organization is wondering whether it's time to reinvent this crucial bathroom accessory.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently launched such a challenge, announcing $41.5 million worth of grants to fund ideas that can reengineer the porcelain throne, according to CNN. Sylvia Mathews Burwell, president of the foundation's global development program, thinks that as useful as the toilet is, it's time to create alternatives that can be of use to developing countries - where about 2.5 billion people actually have no access to this luxury, the news source explains.

"No innovation in the past 200 years has done more to save lives and improve health than the sanitation revolution triggered by invention of the toilet," she told the news source. "But it did not go far enough. It only reached one-third of the world. What we need are new approaches. New ideas. In short, we need to reinvent the toilet."


The bathroom is one space in the home where you can truly showcase your personality. Because of its small space, a bathroom makeover is often an easier process than any other room - as long as you're not replacing fixtures like the toilet or the bath tub, of course! For the gal who seems to have it all, a glamorous bathroom makeover might just be the way to go.

Start with a color palette and theme that will carry throughout the whole space - For a glam, yet sophisticated approach, consider a neutral palette of creams and ecrus that can complement already-installed bathroom fixtures.

Once you have your colors chosen, adding the right bathroom accessories can make or break the overall feel of the room. For the quintessential piece of glamour, opt for a luxurious vanity seat with gold leaf detailing. The gold on white is such a great touch than any girl will truly appreciate. And, of course, don't forget the sparkly details. Install a crystal chandelier for that added visual appeal.

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A contemporary approach in interior design means opting for simple lines and minimal details. Especially in a cramped area like the bathroom, it's important to use elements that will create the illusion of space and serve as understated yet chic additions to the room.

Glass, for instance, is a material that's been widely used in many contemporary bathrooms, and if you're in the midst of a bathroom renovation, you might just want to invest in the right piece. A glass partition can be used to separate different areas in the bathroom without limiting the viewer's perception of space. For the shower, a translucent glass panel is not only functional but also an aesthetically pleasing addition.

The element can also be used in other areas of the room, including the bathroom vanity. For a contemporary feel, choose a piece with tempered glass for its countertops. The material gives the bathroom vanity a certain je ne sais quoi, but it's also a practical addition that can easily be cleaned and maintained.


Renovating your bathroom is easier said than done. Unlike a makeover that requires a can of paint and some select bathroom accessories to install, removing permanent bathroom fixtures and replacing them with new pieces can take time. When it comes to the overall appeal of the space, certain choices have to be taken into consideration. TLC lists several of these factors to take into account.

On top of the list is never sacrificing safety for style. You may have found the most gorgeous bathroom vanity, but if it's impractical and potentially hazardous - especially if you have children - you should pass and opt for a safer choice.

Another consideration is to install pieces that will be an investment in the long term. "Consider using as many universal-design products and layout ideas as possible," explains the news source. This can be crucial if you're thinking about selling your home in the future, as more universal and contemporary bathroom accessories and fixtures will attract more buyers. 

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Are you in the process of renovating your bathroom? There are many things that you can add in the space besides the necessary bathroom accessories and fixtures to create just enough drama. For that romantic feel, playing with the room's architectural features might just be what you need to do to elevate the overall look of the space.

For the spacious master bathroom, architectural details, like columns strategically placed around a bath tub, can create an alluring sanctuary that anyone can surely enjoy. The features are reminiscent of the bourgeois bathhouses of the past and can truly create a one-of-a-kind experience in the room. If your bathroom vanity is in a nook by itself, adding arched detailing on the ceiling showcases the furniture as an important piece in the space.

Those who were lucky enough to have high ceilings can easily play with the headroom by adding exposed beams for that homey cottage feel. This will go perfectly with an antique bathroom vanity

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Go natural for your next bathroom makeover
Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making over your bathroom is no easy feat, especially if you'll be replacing your old bathroom fixtures. Besides the actual labor and cost involved, there's also the task of choosing the right aesthetic that will complement the existing style of your home. Have you made up your mind about going traditional or contemporary? Perhaps a transitional bathroom is what you need to tie all styles together.

Whichever you choose, one thing remains: You have to pick a style that will be functional while satisfying all your decorative needs. If you have a window that overlooks some gorgeous scenery, for instance, why not take that as inspiration and create a setting using natural materials?

Opt for a bathroom vanity with wood cabinets that can add an organic element into the space. Additionally, bamboo is trending as the "it" material for everything, from blinds to other decors. Choosing pebbles in the shower as opposed to traditional tiles will also elevate the space, mimicking a natural environment that's as soothing as it is appealing.

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Do you love your neutral bathroom? An all-white space complete with white bathroom accessories and fixtures may be nice, but it tends to get boring, like a room in a hospital! If you think it's time to take your space from drab to fab, all you have to do is add a pop of color.

First off, what you should do is think of your favorite color - whether it's a deep blue shade reminiscent of the sea or a bold red, the white room will serve as a canvas for the color of your choice. Next, you should consider whether you want a permanent addition for the bathroom or something that can easily be changed out. Your bathroom vanity, for instance, can be replaced with a new one in a bold color, becoming a statement piece in the room. You can also paint or tile a part of the room with a shade of your choosing.

For a fix that can easily be changed, opt for a shower curtain in your favorite color, or perhaps the towels that hang on your towel bars.

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There's nothing more luxurious than having a walk-in shower in the bathroom. Having space for you to stretch out while soothing warm water douses your body is a great way to rinse off not only the dirt and grime, but also the stresses of the day. To ensure that you get the most out of your walk-in shower, you need to have the right kind of bathroom accessories.

For the perfect shower experience, the proper shower panel should be installed. Look for a piece with a rain showerhead that will ultimately take your morning cleaning routine to a whole new level. You might also want to opt for a fixture with massage water jets that can help you relax after a hard day's work. Many models come with a handheld showerhead as well, which can help you clean hard-to-reach places.

Do remember that a luxurious walk-in shower doesn’t have to be wasteful. Make sure that the shower panel that you'll be purchasing satisfies water efficiency requirements. This will not only help conserve water, but it might also lower your water bills.

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Are there toiletries littered all over your bathroom? Well, you're not alone! Many people just don't have enough storage space in their bathrooms to hold all of their knickknacks, whether it's products used daily or cleaning supplies used occasionally. Luckily, Better Homes & Gardens came up with a several quick fixes that anyone can utilize in their own spaces.

If you have a bathroom vanity as opposed to a pedestal sink, the website suggests that you make the most out of the countertop. Opt for a tray or platter that can hold frequently used products like your combs, ear swabs and cotton balls.

Another space that most people tend to forget is the floor. Choose a beautiful woven basket to hold your towels, extra soaps and accessories and place it next to the bathroom vanity or the shower.

A towel rack is another space-saving way to add extra storage to the bathroom. If you have limited space, why not install the rack above the bath tub or next to the sink? And you don't have to use it just for towels either - the shelving units can be used for other things like toilet paper and other knickknacks. 

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The masculine bathroom
Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011

The bathroom is a great place to showcase your personality, and if you're a bachelor looking to spruce up the space, you're probably gearing towards a contemporary aesthetic that's clean, sophisticated and masculine. Here are some trends that you can opt for to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Go for gray tones. "Mix warm and cool hues of this classic color to give your bathroom a more masculine, modern look," explains Good Housekeeping. Use the color on the wall as paint or tiles. The color, being a neutral tone, can easily be paired with other bathroom accessories.

Choose a contemporary bathroom vanity. With its clean shape, sleek lines and metal hardware, a contemporary bathroom vanity is the ideal choice for that masculine look that you're trying to achieve. Most pieces also come in neutral tones that will complement the gray.

Opt for chrome or steel bathroom accessories. For a touch of industrialism, bathroom accessories in polished steel or chrome are the perfect accent pieces in any space. Whether it's the towel rack or a hanging shelf, a shiny piece of metal in the bathroom seamlessly pulls the modern aesthetic together.  

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"Transitional" seems to be the buzzword of the season, as more homeowners opt for both traditional and contemporary aesthetics in their homes - then again, why stick to one style if you can seamlessly marry both? This was the ideology behind Kohler's new Mistos faucet collection, marrying the old with the new.

According to the company, the Mistos faucet was created to provide people with beautiful bathroom fixtures at affordable prices. "The Mistos collection gives homeowners the opportunity to create an elegant, cohesive look at a budget-friendly price," said the company's vice president of marketing for Kohler Global Faucets, Daniel Brohn. With the traditional high-arc curves in a cleaner shape, the faucet can easily assimilate in any bathroom aesthetic while still providing a beautiful focal point at the top of any bathroom vanity.

Besides being easy on the eyes and the pocket, the Mistos faucet is also good for the environment. It has a WaterSense-certified flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute, enabling users to reduce their water consumption by 30 percent.


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Tiles are important additions in any bathroom. Besides being waterproof, tiles don't decay and are durable enough to last for years. But the questions is: What kind of tiles fit best in your space?  

There are a plethora of options when it comes to tiles, and the right pieces will depend on your taste and the functionality of the area. For the shower, bigger tiles can provide a sense of space with a touch of elegance. Tiles can also be placed on the wall as opposed to paint, and depending on your need, the pieces can be attached all the way to the ceiling.

When it comes to the bathroom vanity, tiles can add an extra touch of sophistication - mosaic tiles are becoming especially popular as backsplashes to not only protect the wall, but also provide visual appeal. Mosaic tiles can also be used as accent pieces in the bathroom. Just keep in mind the color palette of the existing bathroom accessories and choose those mosaic tiles that will match the design of your space. 

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Who doesn't like soaking in a bathtub? Unfortunately for many, the tub experience can come rarely due to hectic schedules that prevent them from enjoying the simple luxury. This is why if you have the time, you should make the most out of your bathtub and create an experience that you'll be yearning for on your next day off.

People with whirlpools may not know it, but many envy you! Water jets can help soothe and relax those tired body parts without you having to spend money on a spa retreat. To make your time in the tub even more special, purchase a bottle of bubble bath - this is a very inexpensive way to have fun in the tub.

Bathroom accessories can also change the room's mood when it comes to enjoying your tub. Scented candles not only look cool, but lighting them up will emit relaxing scents to help you clear your mind and relieve your body from the pains of that 12-hour a day work week. Just remember to blow them out when you're done!


Go bold with patterns in the bathroom
Posted on Friday, July 15, 2011

Most people might think that since the fixtures in the bathroom are, well, fixed, there's really not that much that can be done when making over the space. However, breathing new life into the room doesn't necessarily mean retiling the floors or installing a new bathroom vanity - all you need is a splash of bold patterns in the right places to revolutionize the space.

"Color and pattern are the quickest ways you can make a big impact in any room without having to spend much," explains decorator Mary McGee to House Beautiful. For the shower curtain, opt for a piece that speaks to you - whether it's a striped pattern with rich colors or a favorite print in bright yellows and greens, the choice is up to you! To keep it modern, pair the whimsical fabric with masculine hardware for a fresh and contemporary look.

Additionally, patterns can be used in other bathroom accessories like towels - just be sure to take your current aesthetic into consideration so as to not overwhelm the space.

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The sink is an integral component in any bathroom, and if you're planning on renovating the space, you might want to start with this fixture, considering the fact that it's one of the most used in the room. To modernize the space, you might want to opt for a vessel sink.

"Vessel sinks are a modern amenity that gives a lot of 'bang for your buck', and it gives an instant wow factor that homeowners and guests appreciate," explains Freshome. Since there is a variety to choose from, make sure that you opt for a piece that will reflect the design aesthetic that you're aiming for. The news source suggests opting for a glass or lacquered vessel sink for a bathroom vanity with a contemporary look.

Besides its functionality, the vessel sink can also be a statement piece in the bathroom. For that needed focal point in the space, look for a piece with attitude and pizzazz - a sink covered in mosaic glass is a great piece of art that can create that much-needed visual impact in the room.


Zen, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is "a Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation." The philosophy, when applied in interior design, offers an aesthetic that's minimalist and refreshing, creating a tranquil space that anyone would love to be in.

"Zen interior decorating will turn your home into a sanctuary, a place of soothing tranquility and respite from the rush and busyness of the outside world," explains In the bathroom, creating a space inspired by the philosophy means having a room where one can relax and regain some peace of mind.

To create your own Zen-inspired bathroom, start with a cooling color palette including neutrals, light greens and earth tones. A main element in a Zen room is also an uncluttered space, so clear the area of unneeded accessories and hide the toiletries under the bathroom vanity or in a wall cabinet. The philosophy is also associated with organic elements - if you're planning on renovating your bathroom, opt for wood fixtures or tiles that resemble bamboo.

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Timeless styles in the bathroom
Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Contemporary styling in the home may be all the rage these days, but it seems that a traditional setting is still the most popular, at least according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association. And if you think this aesthetic is only for giant mansions and luxurious country clubs, you might be surprised that even the smallest apartments can still have that sense of opulence without being too stuffy.

In the bathroom, for example, suggests adding accent colors like rose quartz, marine blues, gold and topaz through bathroom accessories. Additionally, changing your fixtures with elegant pieces is another easy way to transform your space. Opt for detailed pieces in bronze or copper and you're sure to elevate the look of the room in an instant.

However, just be sure that your bathroom vanity is a transitional piece, meaning it can fit both a contemporary and a traditional setting. A state-of-the-art bathroom vanity in neutral tones with polished steel detailing might not be the right setting for a bronze faucet with a traditional high-arc design.

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Maintaining your bathroom vanity
Posted on Monday, July 11, 2011

Just like anything else in your home, your bathroom vanity needs constant maintenance and cleaning to ensure that you get the most out of it. This is especially important due to the constantly changing conditions in the bathroom. Here are some tips that you can apply to get your bathroom vanity looking like it's brand new.

Choosing the right cleaner. Because bathroom vanities come in different materials like wood, steel and stone, you have to be sure that the cleaner you're getting will be right for your furniture, says Overstock. Also make sure to read the directions on the bottle - or you might end up ruining your beautiful vanity.

Cleaning properly. Before spraying on the cleaner, make sure to wipe down the bathroom vanity with a clean dry cloth to get rid of any loose particles like hair. Once this is done, you can then spray the product on - some will require you to wait for it to take effect before washing it off while others will require that you work with a scrub.

Wipe dry. After rinsing, dry your bathroom vanity off with a clean towel and wipe down so no water spots will appear.


Bathrooms are normally the smallest rooms in the house, but if you have the space, why not add furnishings to the area to give it that unexpected twist? Not only will these additions supplement the room with trendy design elements, but they can also be practical pieces that can make your experience in the bathroom a little easier.

For that extra wall space, an armoire can be a fantastic addition that will not only create visual appeal in the room, but it can also be used for storage for when the bathroom vanity cabinets are already overflowing with toiletries. Opt for a white piece of furniture that will complement the neutral fixtures in the room without overpowering them.

Another furnishing that some may find odd - but is in fact a practical addition - is a lounge chair. This is great for those who share their bathrooms with their partners - you can be lounging on your chair while reading a magazine as you wait for your sweetheart to finish showering. Add a side table and a lamp and you have a reading nook all in the comforts of your bathroom!


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A mirror is a practical addition to any bathroom. Whether it's on your medicine cabinet or on top of the bathroom vanity, an accent such as this can be used for shaving, putting on your makeup or nitpicking those pesky blemishes on the face. But besides its practicality, a mirror can also be used as a decorative piece in the room.

For a gorgeous piece of art, an oval mirror can be placed in an elegant frame perfect in a traditional space. In a more contemporary setting, opt for a rectangular piece in a sleek frame in metal or wood stained with a dark color.

Besides its appeal, a mirror can also trick the eyes into thinking that there's more space than there actually is - this is especially crucial in a small bathroom. For an expanded looking-space, place a mirror on top of the bathroom vanity directly across a window to reflect the gorgeous view right outside. This will also help rooms that lack sufficient lighting, as mirrors can reflect the natural illumination coming in from the window.


Are you looking to do something about your outdated bathroom vanity but don't have the time and money to get a new one? Well, there are actually many quick and simple fixes that you can do to change the look of the piece. For a simple makeover that can completely alter your bathroom vanity's appearance, try changing the current cabinet hardware.

Removing and installing new hardware can take as little as an hour and the cost is very inexpensive as well. A cabinet pull or knob can run anywhere from $1 to $200 with a variety of designs, so finding the right fixtures should be a breeze.

By changing your bathroom vanity's hardware, you can easily transition your furniture from one style to the next. Are you going for that ultra-luxurious Victorian-style look in your bathroom? Opt for hardware in brass or bronze with ornate detailing. For a more contemporary look, choose simpler pieces in stainless steel or brushed metal for bathroom vanity that's masculine but still ultra-chic.