Thursday, June 2, 2011

Make a statement with your bathroom vanity

Is your bathroom boring and sterile? If you think that your fun personality is not being fully expressed inside your space then you might want to do something about it by installing a statement piece bathroom vanity.

A vanity is the centerpiece for any bathroom and is normally the most prominent out of all the fixtures. A white toilet and bathtub can easily blend in especially with white tiles, so picking out a bathroom vanity that's full of character might be the right choice for you. If you would like to showcase your traditional aesthetics, look for an antique bathroom vanity that resembles a piece of furniture with extravagant detailing. If you have a colorful personality, opt for a modern piece with bright and bold colors to reflect who you are.

Just remember that even with a statement bathroom vanity, you still have to take into consideration its functionality, so look for a piece that features ample storage space under the sink to store your knickknacks.