Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is there hope for your bathroom vanity?

If your bathroom vanity has been a part of your home for years, it's likely you may have recently noticed some wear and tear on the furniture. It could be a crack on the countertop or a blemish on the wood cabinet - but how much damage is too much to merit a replacement?

If the mark is less than a few inches long, it could still be salvageable. So what should you do? First, try visiting a hardware store and purchasing granite dust to sprinkle over the crack and then finish it off with a sealant. However, if the crack is big enough to pose security concerns with the sink, then it might be time for a new bathroom vanity.

Are the vanity's wood cabinets looking a little rough? Perhaps all they need is a little sanding and a new layer of stain to breathe some life into them. They will also need a water-resistant layer that you can paint over to protect it from water. However, if you see evident signs of damage like mold or warping, you might need to get a new bathroom vanity altogether.