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Do you really need a bidet in your bathroom?
Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2011

You've probably seen one in a high-end hotel bathroom and thought it was a sink for kids - well, that was actually a bidet (pronounced b-day). This fixture has been a staple in the privies of the privileged for centuries as an important part of an individual's hygienic process. The question is, do you need one in your own space?

Well, if you have the room for it, why not? The reason why most modern homes don't come equipped with bidets is because of the area that's required for its installment, but if your bathroom is spacious enough for one, then go for it! However, do remember that just like the toilet, the bidet requires some elbowroom to be used properly.

Of course, if you don't have the room for one, there are plenty of alternatives that you can install in your bathroom in order to mimic the function of a bidet. Instead of a separate piece, why not purchase a washlet that you can attach to your existing toilet? These add-ons come in a variety of models, and some include the entire toilet seat as well as a washer, air dryer and temperature control.



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