Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caring for wood in your bathroom

Who doesn't like the look of wood? Whether painted or stained, a wooden antique bathroom vanity or wood paneling in our homes gives any space that hint of earthy vibe. Unfortunately, as beautiful as these pieces are, they're not necessarily as durable as, say, a granite countertop. In the bathroom, having wooden pieces might mean some extra maintenance work to ensure that they last a lifetime.

Because the bathroom is such a humid place, it is important that you protect your furniture in the space by treating it with the right finish and topcoat. When you purchase an antique bathroom vanity, make sure that you ask the seller about the condition of the piece and whether it needs to be treated. The same goes for having wooden floor in the space. There is paneling specifically made for the harsh conditions of a bathroom, so keep this in mind.

Additionally, caring for your gorgeous wood furniture in the bathroom means cleaning off water spills on them as soon as possible. An antique bathroom vanity runs the risk of growing mold or even rotting in the near future, so avoid longterm exposure to water.