Monday, May 16, 2011

A television: that extra luxury item in your bathroom

Most luxury hotels have television sets in the bathrooms, and that trend is slowly seeping into residential designs as well. So if you're looking for that added touch of luxury and technology in your space, why not install a TV set?

"Installation of large-format flat-screen televisions in master bathrooms has indeed become very popular," Forma Design architect Andreas Charalambous told The New York Times. "A TV in the bathroom can provide news and information in the morning as you prepare for work, and again in the evening during a bath or during a less hectic time schedule."

Who wouldn't want a TV in their bathroom? Of course, the main question is where to place the device. Many might think that the countertops of their bathroom vanities are the best place to put a television, but they should think again. Doing so may not only lead to loss of space - it could pose a safety risk.

For a better - and safer - alternative, choose a wall mount and install your TV near the ceiling instead. Whether it's by your bathroom vanity or on a corner, make sure you use a spot where the device can easily be seen around the room.