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Because it's such a small space, a bathroom is normally overlooked by homeowners as they focus more on the bigger spots like their master bedroom or the kitchen. However, for a smart renovation that will yield a bigger turnaround, it's important to renovate your bathroom space as well.

For that perfect bathroom renovation, think about creating a luxurious space that not only you can benefit from, but will also be a major selling point when you're showing your home to potential buyers. It's a small room after all, so changing up the look of the space should be easy enough that most of the installations can become a DIY project. For example, try dressing up the room with high-end faucets and sinks - with your budget still in consideration, of course! Just make sure that you stick to a contemporary and basic style that almost everyone can appreciate.

When it comes to the shower, go for something luxurious, such as multiple showerheads or even a steam shower option for a quintessential spa experience. 

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