Monday, May 16, 2011

Installing wainscoting in your bathroom

If your bathroom is lacking in detail, why not install wainscoting and create that old-world charm that you've always been wanting?

Wainscoting is the process of adding wooded paneling that extends only partway up a wall. According to This Old House, the use of wainscoting dates back to the 1300s, when the Dutch used paneling to shield the walls from jostled chairs, mud and dirt, and perhaps swing-happy sword wielders. Today, adding wainscoting to your home is more for aesthetics. After all, who doesn't like the look of a visually appealing wall with wood paneling in white?

Adding wainscoting to your bathroom will infuse a crisp clean detail to your space. However, you make sure that the look will actually match the current bathroom accessories and fixtures that you already have. Those with a traditional space the includes an antique bathroom vanity, can make good use of this technique.

Instead of using wood, people who are looking for a more modern feel could also use tiles to border their walls. Choose neutral tones of whites and grays to match that contemporary bathroom vanity in your space.