Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Create a European getaway in your own bathroom

Have you always wanted to add some European flair into your home (we're talking about a bourgeois Versailles-type of look and not Scandinavian chic, by the way)? You might want to start with the smallest space in your home - your bathroom. All you need are some highly-ornate fixtures and furniture in order to be transported to a different place - and perhaps, time - the moment you step into the room.

To recreate the European drama found in the great palaces of France and Italy, consider an antique bathroom vanity. North Jersey.com reports that pieces with curved legs and ornate detailing will add to that specific aesthetic that you're looking for.

"Popular vanity pieces have a distressed, antique-white color or a white marble with grey veins, which is extremely popular," General Plumbing Supply representative Julie Harris told the news outlet.

Besides the bathroom vanity, opt for exposed, arching pipes and faucets that pay homage to the Victorian period. You should also look for bathroom accessories with a gold or bronze finish for that added elegance.