Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Choosing the right floor for your bathroom

The bathroom can be a tricky place when it comes to choosing a floor. The space is constantly changing in temperature and the humidity and moisture can take a toll on any surface. So when homeowners decide on a new floor, it's important that they make sure to take both its look as well as its ability to withstand extreme circumstances into consideration.

Of course, the number one option for a bathroom floor is tiles.

"Ceramic tile is the product we use the most of in bathrooms," National Kitchen and Bathroom Association president Sara Ann Busby told HGTV. Of course, what's not to like about the versatile tile? Not only does it lead the pack in terms of water-resistance, tiles are also easy to clean and come in a variety of styles and prices - just make sure that it matches your bathroom vanity and accessories!

Hardwood flooring is also becoming a popular choice for bathrooms. The warm look and comfortable feel is a wonderful option for any design, as long as it's treated with a water-based poly finish, according to the news outlet. Otherwise, water can easily cause major damage and may ruin gorgeous floors.