Friday, May 20, 2011

Bathrooms going green - literally

Many residents are turning their bathrooms into eco-conscious spaces, thanks in part to new technology that saves energy. But besides being environmentally-conscious, more people are going green - literally - by using the shade to renovate their bathrooms.

A survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association showed that the number of homeowners who decided to use a green palette in their bathroom increased from 14 to 24 percent this year, according to

"It works with loads of colors," Jill Moskowitz of Bathroom Magic told the news source. "Think of flowers - all the stems are green with loads of different colors in the flowers themselves," she added.

Besides its complementary appeal, green also has soothing affects for anyone who lays eyes upon it. According to Sensational Color, the hue allows people to relax both mentally and physically and also helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

If you're thinking about infusing the color into your bathroom space, just don't go overboard! Keep your bathroom fixtures a neutral color and add soothing shades of green to the walls and bathroom accessories. Green also works great with antique bathroom vanities that have wooded cabinetry and stone countertops for a classic and elegant combination.