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Considering the fact that white is the color of purity, cleanliness and serenity, it's only fitting that the neutral tone is most often used in the bathroom. Besides the normal fixtures like the toilet and the tub, why not use the shade in other areas for that perfect blissful spa-like retreat?

For some, having an all-white bathroom may seem almost sterile. However, if you choose the right bathroom accessories and shade of white, you can prevent your space from looking like a room in a hospital. For your bathroom vanity, for example, look for white cabinets but choose a marble countertop with grey veining for some added interest.

White wainscoting is another detailing in the bathroom that can be great whether you are looking for a traditional or a contemporary feel for your space. To add more shades of white, choose bathroom accessories like towels and curtains, adding crisp and clean pieces to the space.

Just remember that as beautiful as the color can be, a splash of dirt or stain on a white surface is easily noticeable, so keep your bathroom clean!

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Not everyone has the time and budget to gut their bathrooms and replace everything. So instead of feeling ashamed of your vintage space, why not embrace the look and create a room that's teeming with nostalgia and memories?

Got an old-school bath tub? Polish those clawfeet and use it as the centerpiece in a space with a retro feel as opposed to spending hundreds to thousands of dollars replacing it. Rely on the fixture as the jumping off point, picking up on the curved lines of the tub and the detailing of the feet.

Does your bathroom vanity look like an antique even though it's really not? Well, you might as well embrace it and distress it more with some chains and a metal brush for that centuries-old European feel.

To complete the retro vibe, choose bathroom accessories that will complement the aesthetic. Why not hang wooden frames filled with pictures of friends, families, or even random landscapes to create some interest on the walls? With just a few simple actions, you can easily turn a simple room into a relaxing sanctuary.

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Who says you can't mix up design aesthetics in your bathroom space? Of course, there are certain "rules" to abide by when redoing a room, but making it your own means implementing styles that reflect what you adore. So if you like something old and something new, there's always a middle ground that you can incorporate in creating a bathroom that's all you.

For an eclectic look, why not choose contemporary bathroom fixtures and mix it up with pieces of traditional furniture? An antique bathroom vanity, for example, can be upgraded simply by installing a more contemporary bathroom faucet. Additionally, having a state-of-the-art steam shower doesn't mean that your bathroom has to look like the cockpit of a spaceship - add on traditional pieces of furniture like a medicine cabinet made of wood or a cool chair if you feel like lounging in your spa-like bathroom.

Of course, everything depends on how far you are willing to mix and match with your design aesthetics. Don't be shy about asking a friend or a family member about certain aspects of your design either - another set of eyes will be able to observe things that you may have overlooked. 

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If you have a home, you can, of course, pretty much do whatever you please in it. Want a hot pink bedroom? No one's going to stop you! However, a painted wall is easier to replace, than say, multicolored tiles in the bathroom, especially if you're selling your humble abode in the near future.

According to The Times Herald, while it really all boils down to taste, homeowners should be careful before breaking out florescent bathroom accessories. "The brighter and non-conventional colors have a tendency to negatively impact buyers, the news source reports.

This means that, yes, it's fine to get a bright blue toilet and bathtub to match, but if you're planning on moving in the next couple of years, you might want to stick with neutrals instead. Another bathroom piece that you might want to keep contemporary to satisfy the majority of potential home buyers is your bathroom vanity. Try to stay away from overly designed pieces and stick to simple details and clean lines.

Of course, you shouldn't limit yourself when it comes to having a space that you love just because you're planning on selling your home. Instead, showcase your design aesthetics through pieces that can easily be replaced like bathroom accessories, or covered like the walls.

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Because it's such a small space, a bathroom is normally overlooked by homeowners as they focus more on the bigger spots like their master bedroom or the kitchen. However, for a smart renovation that will yield a bigger turnaround, it's important to renovate your bathroom space as well.

For that perfect bathroom renovation, think about creating a luxurious space that not only you can benefit from, but will also be a major selling point when you're showing your home to potential buyers. It's a small room after all, so changing up the look of the space should be easy enough that most of the installations can become a DIY project. For example, try dressing up the room with high-end faucets and sinks - with your budget still in consideration, of course! Just make sure that you stick to a contemporary and basic style that almost everyone can appreciate.

When it comes to the shower, go for something luxurious, such as multiple showerheads or even a steam shower option for a quintessential spa experience. 

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Not everyone has the budget for one, but if you're thinking about hiring an interior designer to create your perfect bathroom, make sure that you will be getting one with all the right credentials.

According to Fox Business, contracting an interior decorator can actually be a time and money-saver as long as you collaborate with the individual. If you know what you want and have an idea for your budget, then finding the right one for the job shouldn't be as difficult.

One of the things that you have to ask for is referrals, interior designer Gail Doby told the news outlet. If you have friends who recently had a room or a home renovation, ask them if they were satisfied with the designer that they hired. Another great source according to Doby are real estate agents. After all, they should know about the industry and the who's who of home designers.

A bathroom is a small space, so the budget shouldn't be as outrageous as one would except with a complete home renovation, but of course, you still have to understand the different billing methods used by interior designers. Purchasing bathroom accessories and fixtures like faucets or the bathroom vanity, for example, will be done by the designer, but understand that you will still be expected to pay the full price upfront. 

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It seems as though bathrooms are not only becoming more high-tech these days, they are also catering to a wider range of people who may want an easier experience in the space. At the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, bathroom accessories and pieces that were not only elegant but also easy-to-use drew the most crowds.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the most popular items at the event were fixtures with universal designs. One popular product was an LED strip that can be easily installed inside medicine cabinets and the drawers of bathroom vanities to help people see the contents more easily. The news source adds that this technology doesn't get hot and is very discreet. Hands-free bathroom faucets were also the talk of the show, with Delta introducing a battery-operated lavatory that is able to sense the user's body electric current.

The products are catering more towards increasing households with multigenerational members of the family, the news source explains. With the aging baby boomers, it only makes sense to create a space that will allow almost anyone to have a more comfortable bathroom experience.

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There are a lot of things that you can do to create a beautiful space in your bathroom. Depending on your budget, you can renovate your room and replace everything with brand new state-of-the-art equipment. However, if you can only afford so much, you have to be smart about which bathroom accessories or fixtures you are going to spend a pretty penny on.

According to the Herald News, one item that you should at least splurge on is the showerhead. This is not only a necessity, but believe it or not, it's easy to find models as inexpensive as three dollars.

Of course, why not spend a little bit more and turn your shower into a spa? If you were going to spend a couple hundred of bucks for a spa retreat, you might as well get a shower panel that will offer the same benefits - and you can at least use it over and over again.

Look for a shower panel that also includes a handheld sprayer and multiple massage settings so that you and your family members can enjoy a relaxing time in the shower after a busy day at school or in the office.


Are you tired of looking at your outdated bathroom? If so, then it's probably time for a renovation. For some inspiration, you might want to check out what the star of HGTV's Divine Design, Candice Olson, accomplished with one couple's dated space.

Before the makeover happened, the bathroom was truly a blast from the nautical past. The blue toilet and the bathtub of the same shade did nothing to the space, and the bathroom vanity looked antiquated. Ample lighting came from the big window but the blue lighting fixture ruined the natural illumination of the room.

For a complete design intervention, Olsen gutted the bathroom and replaced the pieces with brand new pieces that evoked a tranquil spa-like atmosphere. A brand new white bathtub replaced the old clunker, but it was placed vertically to make more use of the room. The extra space created allowed the designer to install a brand new steam shower with a rain showerhead for everyone's enjoyment. Additionally, a new contemporary vanity with wood drawers replaced the old piece, creating an inviting and cozy space.

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Makeover your bathroom as opposed to renovating it
Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are you looking to overhaul the look of your outdated bathroom? If you have the time and the resources, then it can be pretty easy to pick up the phone and call a contractor. However, not everyone has the income or the schedule for a complete renovation. Rather than gutting your bathroom, it might be better to simply organize little makeovers to rejuvenate the look and feel of your space.

According to the Montreal Gazette, a complete renovation can cost up to $50,000 for a high-end bathroom. It may be a small room but it can be pretty labor-intensive - besides the cost of the fixtures like the toilet and the bathroom vanity, you are also going to pay the cost of work, from plumbers to tile installers and even electricians in some instances.

Instead of going big, look into exchanging the smaller bathroom accessories in your home. If you have a dated faucet or faulty showerhead, replace them yourself. Purchasing matching towels and shower curtains can also completely overhaul the look of a space at the fraction of the cost.

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Remember the first time you washed your hands with a hands-free faucet? It's likely that you were surprised but also amazed by the technology. These days, sensor-controlled lavatories can be found all across the country in many commercial establishments, from office buildings to restaurants. After all, it only makes sense that you shouldn't touch anything else in the bathroom after washing your hands.

Delta Faucet has understood the demand for this growing trend, and this is why the company has released its line of residential faucets with the Touch20.xt technology. The system is based on two existing Delta brand technologies - Touch20 Kitchen and the Proximity Sensing, according to the company.

The technology enables the whole faucet to act as a sensor, so it will respond whenever someone approaches the device. There are currently two available models that have Touch20.xt - the Lahara and the Addison. Both faucets come in several finishes like chrome, bronze and stainless.

If you're ready to revolutionize your bathroom experience, be prepared to shell out anywhere from $400 to $500 depending on the finish that you choose.  


Is it time to replace your bathroom vanity?
Posted on Monday, May 23, 2011

With the ever-changing temperature and moisture in your bathroom, it's only natural that some of your fixtures may need to be changed overtime. Cracked tiles or faulty faucets can easily be replaced for new ones, but something as big as a bathroom vanity can be another story. So what are the signs that it should be exchanged for a new one?

Well, it all depends on the type of bathroom vanity that you have and the materials that were used to create it. Granite can be pretty durable, and cracks and chips can easily be fixed with epoxy and granite dust. However, once the crack becomes bigger, it might be time to look into other options. Those with laminate countertops may also start to see the layers peel overtime.

Bathroom vanities with wooded cabinetry are normally treated to prevent them from rotting. Unfortunately, time can take its toll on bathroom furniture, and constant water exposure will eventually damage your cabinets. If you see visible signs of rotting on your vanity then it might be time to replace it. 


Bathrooms going green - literally
Posted on Friday, May 20, 2011

Many residents are turning their bathrooms into eco-conscious spaces, thanks in part to new technology that saves energy. But besides being environmentally-conscious, more people are going green - literally - by using the shade to renovate their bathrooms.

A survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association showed that the number of homeowners who decided to use a green palette in their bathroom increased from 14 to 24 percent this year, according to

"It works with loads of colors," Jill Moskowitz of Bathroom Magic told the news source. "Think of flowers - all the stems are green with loads of different colors in the flowers themselves," she added.

Besides its complementary appeal, green also has soothing affects for anyone who lays eyes upon it. According to Sensational Color, the hue allows people to relax both mentally and physically and also helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

If you're thinking about infusing the color into your bathroom space, just don't go overboard! Keep your bathroom fixtures a neutral color and add soothing shades of green to the walls and bathroom accessories. Green also works great with antique bathroom vanities that have wooded cabinetry and stone countertops for a classic and elegant combination.

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You could have the most gorgeous bathroom - a spectacular antique bathroom vanity and a high-tech steam shower to boot - but none of that even matters if it's not a safe space for your children. We're not saying that you should bubble wrap and cover every inch of the area, but there are steps that you can take to ensure that your little ones don't hurt themselves whenever they're in the room.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should never leave their toddlers unattended in a bathtub. Someone at the door? Wrap your child with a towel and take him with you. As an extra precautionary measure, the news outlet suggests installing no-slip strips in the shower or the tub for everyone's safety. Parents should also get in the habit of closing the lid of the toilet whenever they can.

Additionally, try to remember that your kids can easily get into medicines and other products, so for added security, keep those above your bathroom vanity as opposed to underneath the sink.

Kid-proofing your bathroom doesn't mean sacrificing the look of the space, but taking these steps will ensure that you children will be safe whenever they enter the room.


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Bathroom update in a weekend
Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If you think that you don't have time to makeover your bathroom, you're not the only one. Many busy professionals these days don't have the luxury to take off of work to beautify their living spaces. However, there are actually a few tricks that you can do in the span of a weekend that can truly transform your bathroom from outdated to sophisticated.

The quickest and most affordable way to update your bathroom is with a bucket of paint, according to the Cedar Valley Home & Garden. The task can be accomplished in as little as an hour due to the small space, so start with this and continue with other changes as the paint dries. Of course, walls aren't the only surface that you can makeover. Redo the cabinets of your antique bathroom vanity for a completely new look.

Also, remember to accessorize. Don't underestimate the effect that new bathroom accessories can bring in a space. Look for matching faucets and towel bars in chrome or steel for a contemporary appeal. Additionally, a new shower curtain and accent rugs can effectively change the aesthetic of your bathroom in an instant.

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The demand for high-performance and stylish plumbing fixtures are as high as ever and American Standard understands this need. At the 2011 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, the manufacturer introduced a line of quality products, all of which were offered at reasonable prices.

One of the collections showcased at the event was the Studio Bathroom Faucet Collection, featuring faucets with a modern aesthetic. The pieces offer an elegant yet simple feel and can fit perfectly in any contemporary bathroom vanity. The faucets also have water-saving features.

"The WaterSense-certified faucets in this assortment deliver on the promise of sustainability without sacrificing performance, while providing lifetime drip-free performance and high-quality cast brass construction for extreme durability," according to the company.

Those with an antique bathroom vanity looking for a faucet replacement can take advantage of the Savina Bathroom Facuet Collection that combines the look of 19th century opulence with the technology of the 21st century. The collection includes highly detailed and ornamented pillar taps and options for porcelain-capped handles. The faucets are also equipped with the new Luxury Speed Connect Drain technology, making installation a breeze.

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If you have an extra bathroom to spare for your kids, why not design the space to be fun and inviting for them as well? Making your kids comfortable in the space will make hygienic tasks easier both for you and for them.

According to TLC, having a separate bathroom for your little ones is a luxury, so you might as well go all out if you're planning on renovating. Children always react positively to bright colors, so why not ask them what their favorite colors are and get the shade painted on the wall? If you're the creative kind, you can even adorn the room with a mural to support a theme that your kids might enjoy. Do your little ones like the beach? Paint colorful palm trees and playful monkeys on the wall - if you don't like it, you can just easily paint over it.

Of course, it's not just the look of the bathroom that you have to think about - you also have to make it convenient for your children. If they can't reach the bathroom vanity, purchase a step stool so they can safely brush their teeth and rinse afterwards.

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The bathroom can be a tricky place when it comes to choosing a floor. The space is constantly changing in temperature and the humidity and moisture can take a toll on any surface. So when homeowners decide on a new floor, it's important that they make sure to take both its look as well as its ability to withstand extreme circumstances into consideration.

Of course, the number one option for a bathroom floor is tiles.

"Ceramic tile is the product we use the most of in bathrooms," National Kitchen and Bathroom Association president Sara Ann Busby told HGTV. Of course, what's not to like about the versatile tile? Not only does it lead the pack in terms of water-resistance, tiles are also easy to clean and come in a variety of styles and prices - just make sure that it matches your bathroom vanity and accessories!

Hardwood flooring is also becoming a popular choice for bathrooms. The warm look and comfortable feel is a wonderful option for any design, as long as it's treated with a water-based poly finish, according to the news outlet. Otherwise, water can easily cause major damage and may ruin gorgeous floors.


Installing wainscoting in your bathroom
Posted on Monday, May 16, 2011

If your bathroom is lacking in detail, why not install wainscoting and create that old-world charm that you've always been wanting?

Wainscoting is the process of adding wooded paneling that extends only partway up a wall. According to This Old House, the use of wainscoting dates back to the 1300s, when the Dutch used paneling to shield the walls from jostled chairs, mud and dirt, and perhaps swing-happy sword wielders. Today, adding wainscoting to your home is more for aesthetics. After all, who doesn't like the look of a visually appealing wall with wood paneling in white?

Adding wainscoting to your bathroom will infuse a crisp clean detail to your space. However, you make sure that the look will actually match the current bathroom accessories and fixtures that you already have. Those with a traditional space the includes an antique bathroom vanity, can make good use of this technique.

Instead of using wood, people who are looking for a more modern feel could also use tiles to border their walls. Choose neutral tones of whites and grays to match that contemporary bathroom vanity in your space.

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Folks from the South may not really have this problem, but for those up north, waking up to walk onto cold tiles in the bathroom during the winter can ruin an already gloomy winter morning. So why not have heating systems installed underneath your floors and start your day nice and warm?

According to the New York Times, heated floors was once a novelty that only the rich could afford. These days, however, the growing trend has allowed manufacturers to create less-expensive DIY kits that almost anyone can install themselves. Homeowners have a variety to choose from - mat-based heating systems can cost as little as $600 for small floors, while other systems offer spot-heating for that specific spot in front of your bathroom vanity or your toilet.

Of course, not everyone has the time or the know-how to install a heating system in their bathroom. As an alternative, you can always just use an electric heater on top of your bathroom vanity that can be programmed to turn on a few minutes before you enter the room. 

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Most luxury hotels have television sets in the bathrooms, and that trend is slowly seeping into residential designs as well. So if you're looking for that added touch of luxury and technology in your space, why not install a TV set?

"Installation of large-format flat-screen televisions in master bathrooms has indeed become very popular," Forma Design architect Andreas Charalambous told The New York Times. "A TV in the bathroom can provide news and information in the morning as you prepare for work, and again in the evening during a bath or during a less hectic time schedule."

Who wouldn't want a TV in their bathroom? Of course, the main question is where to place the device. Many might think that the countertops of their bathroom vanities are the best place to put a television, but they should think again. Doing so may not only lead to loss of space - it could pose a safety risk.

For a better - and safer - alternative, choose a wall mount and install your TV near the ceiling instead. Whether it's by your bathroom vanity or on a corner, make sure you use a spot where the device can easily be seen around the room. 


The Japanese are known for their high-tech, often quirky bathroom accessories and devices, from heated toilet seats to posterior perfume devices. Now you can add urinal arcade to that list, thanks to gaming company Sega, making the trip to the bathroom a little bit more fun.

According to Discovery News, Sega has recently installed games called Toylets in several male bathrooms across Japan in an effort to draw attention to a new wave of digital advertising. The urinals are equipped with a pressure sensor as well as a digital display at eye level where advertising is shown after playing the game.

One title, named "Graffiti Eraser," allows an individual to aim at the sensor installed in the urinal to erase the graffiti on the screen display. Additionally, "Splashing Battle!" gives users the chance to beat the previous individual's stream strength.

It may be a while before the technology reaches the U.S., but one thing's for certain - the Japanese definitely know how to create an interesting toilet experience.


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Cleaning your bathroom
Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2011

Having a few dust bunnies under your couch may not necessarily be an immediate cause for concern. A dirty bathroom, on the other hand, is often considered unattractive and can quickly become a health concern.

According to TLC, homeowners should clean their bathroom once a week, and even more if it is being used by a lot of people. The news outlet also suggests quick and simple ways to turn this area into a spotless space.

When it comes to your bathroom vanity's countertop, there are many products out there that you can use to ensure that it remains germ-free, from disinfectant sprays to scrubs. Bleach can also be a great way to clean your bathroom vanity - just make sure that your bathroom has good air circulation so the fumes can escape. At the same time, wear cleaning gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals.

For your toilet, it's obvious that you want to make the task as quick as possible, so look for a bowl cleaner that will help you get the job done. The news outlet also mentions that using bleach is always a great alternative as well.

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Brushing one's teeth is something that everyone does (we hope!). In addition to making sure your toothbrush is in great condition, you should choose the right holder for it. After all, when it comes to your bathroom decor, every little detail counts!

The first step to ensuring that your toothbrush is clean is to place it in an area that's not only easy to reach but is also free of bacteria. Your toilet is a hotspot for germs, so placing your toothbrush holder near it may not be such a good idea. Mercury News suggests keeping your toothbrush at least six feet away to avoid contamination. Think about the position of your bathroom vanity and place the holder right on top of it.

When it comes to purchasing the right holder, look for a bathroom accessory that will allow you to store your toothbrush properly. Also, try to pick out a model that matches the overall aesthetic of the room. Sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference in how a space comes together. 

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Most individuals dread a bathroom fixture breaking. Whether it's the showerhead or the faucet, when this happens, many people tend to immediately call a plumber in order to fix the problem. But rather than relying on someone else to replace your bathroom accessories, why not do the job yourself?

It may sound like a hassle changing the fixtures in your bathroom, but depending on the case, this can actually be rather simple. Not only will doing so save you money, you will also save time from setting up appointments and making arrangements to getting the job done by someone else.

Many showerheads, for example, are being manufactured to offer users the easiest installation possible. Some models require you to use nothing more than a plumber's tape, while others are simpler - all you have to do is remove your broken showerhead by loosening it with pliers, and installing your new fixture is as easy as screwing it into the pipe and tightening it.

That broken faucet on your bathroom vanity can also be replaced with ease. Just make sure that what you're buying will fit the specific countertop and shut-off valve specifications and you'll be good to go!  

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Home staging in the bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Staging your home before potential buyers come in for a look can make all the difference between your home being sold and it staying on the market. When it comes to your bathroom, there are simple quick fixes that you can do to ensure that buyers will be yearning to have the space all for themselves.

The first step is to take a look at the room and analyze its style. Most home buyers will want a space that's almost a blank slate that they can personalize. Stick to a contemporary look and remove any bathroom accessories with a specific theme. You might also want to hide those beauty and hygienic products under your bathroom vanity to give off a clutter-free look.

If your walls are of a particular color - maybe you were obsessed with neon colors at one point - paint over them with more neutral shades like white or beige. To add to the contemporary theme, replace your floral shower curtains with a more subtle shade.

Additionally, replacing your fixtures can truly change the look of your bathroom. Switch out those mismatched faucets and towel bars with similar designs and finishes - a chrome or steel finish on these bathroom accessories will leave potential buyers wanting more.

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It's safe to say that the bathroom is a space where upgrading will almost always give you a return on investment. And when it comes to renovating this room in your home, it's important to take the appropriate steps.

To get the biggest bang for your buck, Good Millwork suggests redoing out-of-date spaces with contemporary accoutrements to attract a wider range of potential buyers. Making over your room with a specific theme in mind can impact the number of people who may want to buy your home. Of course, there are some who choose fixer-uppers and might not mind the wall-to-wall floral wallpapers, but most prefer a house that is move-in ready.

Because of this, you might want to choose a contemporary bathroom vanity that will anchor the space. Additionally, you may want to opt for the universally accepted white toilet and sink. Putting in nice finishes will also elevate the appeal of your bathroom and will show buyers its potential, according to the news outlet. Think about installing small details like tile boards, wainscoting or even sleek shelves to create a finished look. 


Have you always wanted to add some European flair into your home (we're talking about a bourgeois Versailles-type of look and not Scandinavian chic, by the way)? You might want to start with the smallest space in your home - your bathroom. All you need are some highly-ornate fixtures and furniture in order to be transported to a different place - and perhaps, time - the moment you step into the room.

To recreate the European drama found in the great palaces of France and Italy, consider an antique bathroom vanity. North reports that pieces with curved legs and ornate detailing will add to that specific aesthetic that you're looking for.

"Popular vanity pieces have a distressed, antique-white color or a white marble with grey veins, which is extremely popular," General Plumbing Supply representative Julie Harris told the news outlet.

Besides the bathroom vanity, opt for exposed, arching pipes and faucets that pay homage to the Victorian period. You should also look for bathroom accessories with a gold or bronze finish for that added elegance.  

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No matter how gorgeous your bathroom is, exposed toilet bowl cleaners and rolls of toilet paper only detract from its overall look. You could keep these bathroom accessories in your storage room, or you could get a bathroom vanity that has ample storage space under the sink. Whatever you decide to do, it's important to make the right decision in order to keep your bathroom in tip-top shape.

Besides bathroom cleaners, hygienic products that normally litter your countertop can be relocated under your sink to eliminate the look of clutter. Most antique bathroom vanities are not only pleasing to the eyes, they also come equipped with ample storage space and drawers that can be used to tuck little accessories away.

Having extra storage space gives you the option of decluttering your bathroom space, but it also allows you to organize your things. Women who have endless amounts of makeup can finally organize their beauty products while men can organize their grooming products and devices effectively for everyday use. Take the time to turn this space into something special. 

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Design tips for your apartment bathroom
Posted on Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn't mean you can't turn it into a dream space. Granted, you have to be smarter when it comes to storage, but choosing pieces that appeal to your senses will help turn the room into something special.

Luckily for apartment dwellers, HGTV offers several tips and tricks to make the most of this compact space.

First and foremost: Go vertical. If you can't install any more cabinetry, go for floating shelves in order to make good use of your walls. For a modern take on these bathroom accessories, look for glass shelving units, and depending on your storage needs, choose a single or multi-tiered option.

Another tip is to go light on your color. Dark hues can make your bathroom look like a cave, so opt for neutral tones of whites and greys that will not only give your room that modern edge but also create the illusion of space.

Finally, use your bathroom vanity effectively. Choose a compact style that comes with storage space under the sink. Additionally, purchase a piece with a big mirror in order to create the illusion of extra space.

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It might sound like a simple task, but replacing your bathroom faucets actually requires careful consideration.

The hardware in your bathroom may be something that you hardly take notice of, but look again - elements such as your faucet, especially when matched with the other metal accouterments, can completely make or break the look of the room.

If you're yearning to exchange your bathroom faucet with a new one, make sure you consider several key factors, such as its price and design. Set a budget for your replacement so you don't end up spending more than you can afford. At the same time, the design of the item will be important to ensure that it will blend will with your current bathroom aesthetic.

With a contemporary bathroom, for example, choose a faucet in chrome or brushed steel that will match your current hardware. A modern bathroom vanity will require a piece with sleek lines and minimalist elements, so choose wisely. For an antique bathroom vanity, stick with bronze finishes with traditional rounded elements.


If your bathroom is in need of a major makeover then keep on reading. This Old House currently listed a few of the hottest bathroom trends that were recently seen at the Kitchen and Bath Industry show.

The first involves giving your bathroom a high-tech twist. Technology is now invading the bathroom, with audio installations and ambiant lighting found in steam showers and cabinets. Even toilets are getting an upgrade, with recent models from Kohler having customizable seat temperatures.

Another trend that seems to be hitting bathrooms everywhere is seamless bathroom vanities with efficient storage designs. These modern vanities effectively make use of the space around them, but at the same time, provide enough visual appeal to make them the centerpieces of any room.

Finally, nature-inspired tiles of all shapes and sizes were being showcased at the event, according to the news outlet. From floral cherry blossoms to bamboo textures, these tiles are perfect for anyone who would like to transform their space into a relaxing, unforgettable sanctuary.

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