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Shower Behavior: A Revealing Survey on American Habits
Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2011
We immediately thought, wow, this could be juicy. What are we referring to? Well, in the course of researching what homeowners are thinking about regarding design preferences and other keen stuff, we came across a survey on of all topics: American’s Secret Shower Behaviors, conducted by Synovate, an online ombinus research service. It’s an intriguing topic so we decided to share some of the findings with you. As retailers of affordable luxury bathroom products (including an array of innovative showers in our portfolio), we just couldn’t help ourselves! If the survey results ultimately urge on innovations and technologies that enhance people's experience with water in their homes, that’s a win-win. Let’s get started.

Stress Relief
Turns out that a significant proportion of survey respondents are likely to take showers for relaxation, to escape, to get away, meditate, relieve pain, warm up and eliminate stress. It’s actually noted that showers are a far more affordable alternative to pricey massages. Here’s a valid reason if we ever heard one to consider one of’s fully loaded steam showers!

Buddy Time
Now here’s when the whole men are from Mars, women are from Venus thing comes into play. Survey results show that a fair share of men (40 percent) say their dream shower would include more room for significant others. However, women (45 percent) would rather opt for lux options such as ambient music and lighting. To compound this difference of opinion further, it appears that South Atlantic residents are significantly more likely to shower with a significant other (12 percent) than Middle Atlantic residents (a lonely 1 percent). Come on people, what about your civic duty to be eco-stewards with your water usage? (Kidding).

There’s a lot more to those Mars and Venus differences, to be sure. About 40 percent of women say that "My shower is my time for focusing on just me" compared to only 28 percent of men who responded similarly. Plus, four percent of women attest they would rather take a good shower than talk to their significant other.

And in keeping with an affinity for being in control of the TV remote, men and showers also share a common bond. Men change the spray pattern and adjust water flow in the shower far more significantly and more often than women.

Aren’t these results interesting? It’s pretty clear how they could influence design trends and even influence motivations for why we buy what we buy.


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