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Make it Special: Bathroom Cravings
Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011
If you’re tired of thinking of your bath space as just a utilitarian room, you’re not alone. Most homeowners today yearn for a bathroom that’s actually more like a den, with everything from heated floors to soaking tubs to flat-screen TVs built into bathroom mirrors. According to top designers, there’s even more room for gadgets and gizmos. We say “keep ‘em coming!”

Lux and Convenient
Today’s bathroom is meant to be nothing less than luxurious and fuss-free. And aren’t we all for that! Along those lines, here’s a thought, how about tub-side refrigeration? Or a medicine cabinet and/or bathroom vanity with an outlet inside (ultra access for anything from a shaver to an electric toothbrush). How about a medicine cabinet with built-in refrigeration for meds that ought to be kept cold and even to keep your nail polish chilled? Besides those options, remodelers are tearing out the tub and replacing it with a tricked-out shower that’s not only airy but also fully loaded with multiple showerheads plus advanced water pressure and LCD control temp functions and even steam room therapeutic experience qualities. We like’s Ariel Platinum DS204 steam shower, for example.

All of this great stuff is definitely more the norm than the exception. And nowadays eco-anything automatically gives you bragging rights regarding sustainability and green ethics — so how about smart-shower technology that offers lower water flow but with the same qualities of a favorite standard showerhead? Or, low-flow toilets that have two flush options, releasing less water when it isn’t needed. See’s “Eco-Friendly” department, which includes cool, modern designs by Fresca such as the Bolzano elongated toilet. This toilet features a dual flushing system with an option of 0.8 gallons per flush, or 1.6 gallons per flush. And as for that much longed for almighty storage, vertical has caught on — especially in striking linen cabinet towers. Other top trends we like include the ever-growing popularity of faucets that jut out from the wall or sinks with legs/stands.’s portfolio includes the Fresca Ovale modern glass bathroom vanity with glass shelf. Its stylish chrome stand certainly fits the profile.


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