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Little Touches: Pedestal Sinks = Big Style
Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Now that our Spring Sales Event is on (where you will save 50 percent – 75 percent off retail on everything) it’s definitely time to start shopping!
Are you looking for traditional clean lines or a minimalist attitude? Let us suggest a pedestal sink. Promise, it will get high marks in terms of design style without breaking the budget or clogging up a less than expansive space. The choices in our portfolio are cool, modern and graceful. Take a look here.

White Hot
If you’re not looking for frills or bursts of color, but rather a serene environment where calm prevails, we’ve got a few ideas for you. When you choose statement making white-on-white in a powder room, for instance, your sense of both strength and simplicity in the environment will make the hue seem truly brilliant. Now, if that doesn’t win you over…

Pedestal Sinks
They don’t take up much space and help to give the bath a polished look. Not to worry about lost storage space (that you would otherwise have in a large bathroom vanity), there are plenty of ways to make up for it — such as shelving above the sink or the addition of a side/linen cabinet or medicine cabinet with extra shelves or cubbies built-in. In the portfolio, there are plenty of options in pedestal sinks. We especially like our pristine white geometrically-shaped ceramic modern pedestal bathroom vanity; and our modern Fresca quadro pedestal sink, also in white, which is a natural for a modern bathroom — when you look at it from the side it resembles the number seven! So whether you’re conventional or a bit more modern in your taste preferences, we’ve got stylish, affordable choices no matter your leaning. As for much-needed storage options, choose form something almost industrial looking, a modern medicine cabinet (with three cabinets) and cool stainless steel handles; or a white bathroom medicine cabinet with tempered glass shelf and built in light at the top. It might be just the perfect foil for a more traditional or transitional aesthetic.
The medicine cabinet with the tempered glass shelf has been featured with one of our double-door more diminutive vanities that we call the Lindo. It too has an all white finish and a white ceramic sink that adds a fresh clean feeling to whatever space it occupies. Hey, if you’re less inclined for the pedestal look, then think of this as just another perfect option!
And one more point for consideration, while some of our sinks come with a suggested faucet (i.e., the Lindo is designed with the Tartaro) we know it might not be what you’re looking for, so you can customize with any of the faucets that you prefer from our portfolio online or in our showrooms.


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