Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let your bathroom showcase your personality

It's safe to say that you don't really get to know someone's personality until you see their home. Expressing yourself through unique interior design choices is a basic way to let the world know who you are - so why not transfer those elements into your bathroom as well?

If you're planning on kick-starting a home makeover, the best place to create a new look that will reflect your style is in the bathroom. Because of its small space, sprucing up this room can be more practical than tackling a large area, such as a living or dining room.

Planning on how your space will look should depend on your own personality and style. Those who always want to stand out may prefer a more noticeable bathroom design, where sleek mirrors, eye-catching faucets and other bold bathroom accessories are used. When it comes to wall colors, vibrant and unforgettable hues are bound to look fantastic.

More traditional folks may want to make use of an antique bathroom vanity. Pair the furniture piece with cool complementary colors, such as pastels or a beautiful shade of beige, and your bathroom will soon become your sanctuary.