Friday, April 29, 2011

Kohler introduces high-tech toilet

The Japanese have been enjoying high-tech toilets for years, but the U.S. is finally catching up on the trend with Kohler's introduction of the Numi.

The $6,390 toilet is a sophisticated addition to anyone's bathroom. According to USA Today, Numi is a "smart toilet" that allows its users options to customize anything from seat position to seat warmth and water pressure. The toilet also has an MP3 player and ambient lighting for users who would like to set the mood before doing their business.

It seems that the Numi is not only a toilet but is also a bidet. The device is composed of a water pressure system that will gently clean your bottom. It even has a dryer!

Besides giving its user a royal experience on the throne, the Numi is also kind to the environment. It has a water-efficient "eco" flush that only uses 0.6 gallons per flush, according to the news source.

If you have the cash to spend, why not treat yourself like royalty and get the Numi?