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Idea File: Design Team Favorites
Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Every now and then we like to give ourselves a pat on the back for a product selection that is full of diversity, that offers quality and which is sold at affordable prices (always). We’re constantly sourcing what’s happening trend-wise in the marketplace for what we think our fashionable, savvy and budget-smart shoppers would like to see more of. With that said, following are what we’re calling’s “Idea File.” Just a few of our faves! Hopefully you’ll like them too and who knows, this just might be the inspiration you need to add something new into your design repertoire.

Be Reflective
We like the idea of reflective surfaces in bathrooms, so we would like to suggest incorporating mosaic wall tile along with an oversize mirror (or a grouping of varying size mirrors on one wall). So here are a couple of items in our mix that just might fit the bill:
  • Martini Mosaic Tile - Essen Series - Acciaio Reflect. Isn’t this cool? It’s name is apropos because Essen is short for “essential.” Made of glass, this tile is perfectly suited as an accent strip or backsplash (powder room or master suite bathroom). Industrial and hotel to home-esque, it’s got a reflective quality that can’t be beat.
  • Bathroom Mirror with Art Deco-Inspired Frame. This Fresca brand mirror is a favorite because it gives presence to a room. It has its own lighting fixtures (attached), which add to its ability to reflect. Perfect!
Artistic Detailing
  • What says artistic more than nuanced design? In a world of mundane, why be ordinary? Faucets in the line-up that carry the “be special” cachet are numerous. When popularity contests rule, this has to be hands down, the most uber cool of the lot:
    Fresca - Cascata - Waterfall Vessel Faucet – Chrome. Manufactured from heavy-duty brass with chrome featured as the finish, this is one heck of a conversation maker. It’s great for a couple of reasons: it is tall enough to clear any standard sized bowl sink, which makes it an ideal choice for any number of sinks found on, including vessel sinks or bowl sinks. And, it’s simply got beautiful lines. Now, imagine it with water cascading. Right?
Look for more “Idea File” postings in future blogs. We’ll keep ‘em coming!


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