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The days of excessive energy consumption and the need for homes to have living rooms are passé, while the “Great Room” is the likeliest room to be included in the average new home, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). A recent study on the New Home of 2015 indicates that the most recent economic downturn had a serious impact on how homeowners are looking at the future of their next home — shifting perspectives on the housing they want and need. That translates to forgetting about ornate and excessive. Instead, there’s a focus on efficiency, open design, practical applications and green. And as homeowners continue to devote time, energy and funds in order to create a sanctuary in the bathroom, striving for individuality is still at the forefront. Design-wise, bathroom features likely to be included in the average new home in 2015 include double vanities and linen closets. Looks like is well ahead of future trends, we’ve got a portfolio with energy saving dual-flush toilets, double sink bathroom vanities and linen closet towers. How about that?

Some Findings
Since staying aware of what’s happening in the marketplace is our norm, we’ve got some of the other survey results from the New Home of 2015 to share with you. Prognosticating can be fun!
Building industry professionals surveyed expect homes to average 2,152 square feet in 2015, 10 percent smaller than the average size of single-family homes in the first three quarters of 2010. As for that living room prediction, well, in order to make the most of square footage elsewhere in the home, the living room won’t stay in its current form. More than 50 percent of respondents expect it to mesh with other spaces in the home and 30 percent surveyed suggest it just might disappear entirely.
Nearly 70 percent of builders surveyed say that homes in 2015 will also include more green features and technology, including water-efficient features such as dual-flush toilets or low-flow faucets and an Energy Star rating for the whole house.


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