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Clean up the Clutter - Accessorize in Style
Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Now that we officially kicked-off our Spring Sales Event — we’re in the mood to spring clean and creatively change our environment up a bit. It’s going to be fun, especially with big-time savings on everything in the portfolio — how does saving 50 percent – 75 percent off everything sound? Plus an extra 10 percent off of our Fresca brand!
So let’s clear out the clutter and freshen up our surroundings. There’s nothing quite like a sense of renewal.

Buh-bye Clutter, Hello Fuss-Free
We all would like to think that no matter what; we’ve got design vision. And we do! But, there’s also that little nuisance called “reality.” You know, when your postcard perfect bathroom takes on a life of it’s own, thanks to mess. Here’s a spring cleaning remedy: All those shampoo bottles from hotels piled up like a monument to trips well-traveled, sorry, but they need to go. It’s akin to the golden rule of closet organizing: If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. So, that means unclutter your bathroom by only keeping (in view, in the medicine cabinet or on shelves) what you actually use now. To maintain your charming mess-free design vision, give yourself a little bit of help and accessorize! Items like the Fresca brand Ultimo 2 tier glass shelf is a great asset for organizing clutter. We’re also big fans of bathroom linen cabinets, and think the Fresca brand bathroom linen cabinet with four narrow cubbyholes is an orderliness winner. We especially like the fact that it includes a mirror on the door (in conjunction with a striated/zebrano-esque walnut motif that’s got kickin’ style). It also perfectly matches the GW vanities in the portfolio.

One more thing, here’s a notable clutter-free idea that we imitate, it originally comes from the diva of household perfection, Martha Stewart:
Since there never seems to be enough room to hang towels, an easy solution to preventing them from ending up on the floor is this: stack towel bars behind closed doors (we like at least a trio of towel bars) to make the space more efficient and neat!


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