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For most people we’ve surveyed, indulging in small luxuries seems to be a common thread. Let’s face it, life’s daily routine can be daunting at times, so knowing there’s light at the end of the tunnel — be it a really good piece of dark chocolate or a sushi dinner at the latest hotspot — is something most people can relate to. We also think that’s why we’re so motivated at home to slow down the rushing world outside and turn to a place of solace, comfort, quite and peace. It’s another way of indulging (isn’t it?) to escape to your personal retreat, a.k.a. the bathroom. What makes it even better is if you’ve designed it with your vision in mind. Yes, we’re here again at the recurring story of why the evolving bathroom is such a meaningful space.
Let’s consider what takes us out of the hurried life — is it a fab whirlpool soaking tub, a mirror embedded with a TV or a multi-jet shower panel easily shared by two, or is it a dressing room/bath combo with a Hollywood cachet? There are lots of ways to unwind thanks to more innovative products with affordable price tags.

Water Massage
Open, airy and larger than ever. Lux in the bathroom is spelled s-h-o-w-e-r! Making the bath space an oversized shower wall-less shower stall is a European aesthetic now being emulated nationwide. However, when that’s not a feasible way to go — what continues to be the ultra spa alternative are fully loaded steam showers with the likes of ceiling rain showers, multiple shower jets, body sprays and even foot massages.
We’re happy to report that taking a tub is still trending high. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like soaking in a bath with soothing heat and powerful jets. While it’s a must for the master bath, designers also suggest including a Whirlpool tub as an addition to the guest room bath — a real asset for privacy for friends and visiting relatives. The plus to this — besides wowing all — is that it will substantially increase the resale value of your home. Note to self: Making home renovation additions for an enhanced lifestyle is hot for pampering and property investment!


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