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Smart Moves in Bathroom Storage: Shared Cabinets
Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Storage is one of the primary requests for bathroom renovations. So where the heck do we put all of our stuff? Experts in the fine art of organization can easily validate a design query like this. That’s right, there’s really an association (and experts) for helping us figure out such a thing! A recent survey by NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, indicates that 96 percent of respondents feel that they could gain more time at home if they were better organized. “Experts in the organizing industry agree that there are no ‘cookie cutter’ solutions,” reports NAPO. “There are many different personality types, work styles, and environmental influences, so each person must find the system that works best for him or her.” So with that knowledge in hand, let’s apply this statement to your bathroom and come up with a storage solution that fits your lifestyle and family needs.

Storage Solutions
-- Shared bathrooms
Husbands and wives in one bathroom, siblings in another. Where does all the stuff go? Try divvying up the cabinets (drawers and/or shelves) to a specific individual. Once you know where your stuff belongs and which drawer is yours, identify the other vacant spots for your husband/wife, brother/sister, etc. You get the picture. Here’s an item from the portfolio that we think would be great for most contemporary baths and easy to divvy up: Fresca Hampton traditional double sink bathroom vanity. Why it’s perfect: It has six drawers to share and two under the countertop storage sections that can also be jointly used to provide everyone with plenty of room.
-- Short on space solution
Use two storage towers to provide just enough space for towels, utilitarian goods you use daily and perhaps even an accessory to give it a little personalization and oomph (especially if there’s visible open shelving). Here are a couple products from our portfolio that you could double up on to flank a chic sink situated in the middle:
Espresso bathroom linen cabinet with three open shelves. Why it’s perfect: The three open shelves are excellent space organizers as are the closed drawer and the closed bottom tier. We also like the Fresca Adour bathroom side cabinet LT. It’s perfect because it’s lean and modern in its appeal and offers four spacious interior cubbies plus a pull out drawer. What more could you ask for?


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