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Not everything is out of reach. “Piecemeal” home improvements are now the new normal. Rather than making changes to the whole house, homeowners are finally reaching a place where they are comfortably investing once again in small yet significant renovations. That’s creating a positive buzz in the air economically and lifestyle-wise. News about improvements in the home includes top product trends such as European-styled toilets, baths with technology gizmos, bronze sinks and water-saving rain showerheads. Note that energy-saving products for the home are especially hot since they ultimately add financial value. The trend in general to reduce your carbon footprint is now more mainstream than you might have realized.

No Pressure
So for those of you who’ve grown tired of not having and not spending, things appear to be picking up (albeit modestly). Ask most homeowners what they want now, and the answer seems to be in sync across the board: to buy the best they can afford. But, according to analysts in the home renovation industry, this desire to buy affordably also creates an awful lot of pressure to make the “right” choices.

So let us help you make those choices. can help to alleviate the pressure of a renovation by providing you, the homeowner, with a superior product selection that intertwines affordability and luxury into one. That’s our moniker and we stand by it. Remember that typically homeowners can expect their home value to rise upwards of 80- to 90-percent of the amount they spend to remodel (for both a kitchen or a bathroom). It’s a stat we hear over and over again. And you can believe this: there’s plenty of competition to get a house sold for a good price these days While renovations do add value, we’re in agreement with those economic analysts who say to think about fewer major overhauls and instead to focus on sensible, modern product choices. It’s those cosmetic piecemeal changes — everything from new faucets and bathroom accessories to pedestal- and double sink bathroom vanities — that could make all the difference.


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