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Peak Performance Range Hoods? We’ve Got Those Too!
Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Here’s something you might not know about We’re the premier bathroom source for affordable luxury both online and in our three showrooms — including our newest 10,000-square foot location in Staten Island, NY — but did you know we’re also your source for ultra modern stainless steel wall- and island-mounted kitchen range exhaust hoods? It’s the centerpiece of the kitchen and a must-have utilitarian product, so our design team asserts that finding one that suits your dream kitchen vision is just as important as your countertop or appliances choices. All these elements work cohesively design-wise, so don’t short shrift on the range hood!
Here’s the scoop on our offerings. Available in a variety of dimensions in order to fit seamlessly into any kitchen design layout, the affordable luxury line of Cavaliere range hoods is both performance heavy and good looking.

Advanced Technology +

If you’re looking for a chef-inspired range hood, look no further. You know how we’re always talking about a focal point in the room? Well, nowadays the range hood is the definitive one. It’s pivotal for function, thanks to fans that effortlessly eliminate odors (advances in this area have been truly remarkable). Take the stunning Cavaliere model 218D 30” Island Mounted Range Hood, for example. This modern machine has high visual impact. As such, it also sits high on the list of top buys for its many attributes, which include six fan speeds, built-in halogen lights to illuminate your stove top and touch sensitive blue LED lighting on the keypad. In our opinion, it’s not only a functioning appliance, but it reflects the latest in Euro trends thanks to its sleek styling and subtle radiance.
As for the relevance of LED, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) reported recently on the topic of lighting noting that incandescent is on the way out. Fewer and fewer designers are incorporating incandescent bulbs into their overall room designs. Instead, it’s all about energy-efficient options. And while the use of halogen lighting is on going, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting has increased from 47 percent to 54 percent. Our range hoods hit the mark yet again!


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