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A recent stay at a swanky hotel with a deep free-standing bath tub and a sink with designer faucets, got us to thinking about how taking hotel décor into the home — whether minimalist and elegant or traditional and antique-filled — is more accessible than ever. Five-star hotels are what we like to call “memory makers” so why not bring some of those memories home with you in the form of a design that is tangible? That’s exactly why we sought out info on what’s happening at the hotel level, to see how it correlates to the products in the portfolio. We’re pleased to tell you that we’re right on it, with the hotel to home cachet at our fingertips. Our strongest relationships are with manufacturers offering products that capture the lux hotel vibe in affordable ways.

Accessing the Hotel Bath at Home
According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, even the most mundane products are now in vogue in hotel bathroom hotels and can effortlessly be replicated for home use. For example:
  • Double towel bars and rings are in high demand. It is all part of the “green recycling” trend to aid consumers in using their towels longer. The Danze brand has a variety of configurations to choose from, including the modern Sirius double towel bar. We think the Fresca brand Magnifico bath towel rack with double towel bar is also a perfect fit.
  • Space-saving elements appear to be critical, translating to more shelves on bathroom walls. Seems commonplace for toiletry and such, yet more often than not, these items would normally be found only on countertops or in baskets. But a two-tiered modern glass shelf with a quadruple chrome finish plus a high durability tempered glass shelf fits the hotel to home décor philosophy flawlessly.
  • Forget about built-in stone or marble shelves in the shower for soap. It appears that stainless corner shower shelves are what you’ll see more than ever, especially those with grooves that don’t capture excess soapy water. Avoid the mess and get the hotel look with Fresca’s quadruple chrome finish three-tier corner wire basket as a faultless example of this trend.
These products prove that over the top lux with a hotel-esque tenor is definitely within reach. Look for more to come on this topic regarding faucets, tile and other goods.


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