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Great Storage Strategies for Less Mess
Posted on Monday, March 7, 2011
Your bathrooms may very well be a picture perfect spa retreat. But it’s also a room that demands being able to hold lots of stuff. The late comedian George Carlin might have said it best: “A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it.” So if you think you’re in need of a bit more storage in the bath for all your stuff, join the club. Storage (or the lack thereof) is one of the top problems cited by homeowners hoping to renovate a bathroom or build one brand new. Solutions for a less than effective bathroom due to limited floor space and square footage or an oddly configured layout will require creativity. This could come in the form of vanities with hideaway compartments and organizational shelving below the sink to kid-friendly modular cubes or cool modern hooks for robes and towels. Options are plenty. HGTV advises homeowners to think about adding freestanding cabinets for linens along with a beautiful armoire for towels and big essentials, such as hairdryers and other such tools. Even consider a shelf in front of the mirror or recessed cabinets on either side of it, wall racks for towels or a floating shelf below sconce lighting that’s perfect for a stack of towels in a very hotel to home sort of way. We like it!

Storage Supplies
We also really like the idea of using linen cabinet for both inside and outside the bath. Most nowadays have a furniture quality in keeping with the furniture vanity trend. One excellent example is a top seller at, the Fresca brand espresso finish bathroom linen cabinet with three tempered glass shelves. It provides an ample amount of storage space and has a sleek elegant aesthetic. Our design team calls it a winner for its versatility and asserts that it pairs well with other bath furnishings with a similar finish.
We’d also like to share two of our favorite crossover storage ideas that take their cue from the kitchen:
-- Take the kitchen dishtowel bar inside the cabinet and recast it for the bath. Add towel bars and hooks inside vanity cabinetry so hand towels can dry (without being seen) but still be easily accessible.
--Use a cooking utensil holder with a basket (you’ve seen them used primarily in kitchens over islands for pots and pans). In the bath, you can easily use a hooked hanging basket for your must have toiletries.
We call these storage supplies with a twist. Not only do these ideas make sense, but they also maintain our ongoing theme of affordable luxury, function, and yes, style.


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