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Clever Ideas: How to Gain Bathroom Storage Space
Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011
Since the topic of bathroom storage is in just about every magazine and design television show about bathrooms (large and small) these days, we thought we’d keep the topic at the top of our list too — moving forward with a focus on how to make your life easier in your bathroom — so that it’s ultimately more spa-like, less cluttered and that haven for relaxation you so desire. Sounds like we’ve got our work cut out for us!

Recessed Creativity

In a recent blog post, we suggested using dual storage/linen-style cabinets flanking a pedestal sink in-between. We still like that set up, but we’ve also recently discovered how appealing an extra medicine cabinet can be as well. Two is definitely better than one!
For instance, if you’re renovating or building new, consider integrating a recessed wall space as the designated spot for an extra medicine cabinet. It’s got a vintage-esque design sense that just seems to work and provides an extra spot to hold toiletries without making a mess. We like this, especially in an aesthetic with clean lines or a loft-like ambience. In the portfolio several medicine cabinets that could validate this “recessed” suggestion are:

Alternatively, if the medicine cabinet idea doesn’t fit your style, you can still make the most out of an extra recessed wall area. Designers recommend “cap trim tile” to create ledges for resting quality tempered glass shelving. It’s still very much a retro throwback, and we’re totally behind the notion of an open cabinet. It’s the perfect spot to stack your Egyptian combed cotton towels — and here we go again — it’s imitating the hotel to home design philosophy too. Now, here’s the kicker: If you like, add a display alcove into the space as an annex, how about above the toilet?


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