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The Buyer’s Mindset: Where you fit in
Posted on Friday, March 11, 2011
If you’re brand-conscious, you’re like most buyers. Although research indicates that how much weight a brand name carries is predicated on your income level. Interesting, right? We thought so, because as all of you know by now, we’re the leading supplier of bathroom products for the affordable luxury market. Our brands are winners across the board and include Fresca in bathroom vanities and shower massage panels, plus Danze for faucets, among others. We stand by all of them for quality, style, lux design sensibility and yes, affordability.

The Hype
According to the Research Institute for Coking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) and a news story appearing in Kitchen & Bath Design magazine, there are different mindsets both in the design arena and brand choices that relate directly to whether or not you fit into a particular income group from Ultra-High-End to Moderate. Since there are people in all three economic brackets that shop, we were interested to hear what the study’s results had to say. Here goes. Homeowners in the uppermost bracket are at least twice as likely to have reached out for professional help from kitchen and/or bath designers for their latest remodel projects. Hmm. Perhaps this could be evidence as to why the Do It Yourself (DIY) market has resonated so well with television programs appealing to that growing niche demographic.

RICKI also found that the majority of adults (68 percent) would search until they find 1) the product they are looking for and 2) the right price. We relate to that. At we’re so committed to our affordable pricing that we actually offer a 110 percent price match guarantee. Seriously! If you find a lower price from a competitor we will not only meet that lower price, but also provide you with an additional 10 percent off the difference (within 15 days of when you make your purchase). How does that sound savvy shoppers?

One more thing, anyone who is primarily brand-conscious over everything else, is likely to fall into the Ultra-High-End spending set and is far more likely to enunciate the following: “I believe that the brands I buy somehow reflect on me.” Duly noted.


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