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Antique Lux: What’s New in the Modern Bathroom
Posted on Monday, March 21, 2011
We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: furniture style cabinets make unexpected focal points — in both powder rooms and elegant master bathrooms — and are one of the biggest trends in bathroom cabinetry today. While we sometimes go for the matchy-matchy look (think sink and tub faucets that match), we’re also all about being fresh and fashionable — which translates to a mix of styles, colors and more. Mixing old and new is the new normal. And that’s where our design team steps in to suggest you integrate an antique bathroom vanity into your design schematic just because you can! Blending antiques with other design genres is the latest aesthetic. If this topic was being bandied about on a Facebook page, we’d officially click on “like.”

Design Features
If a 19th-century English secretary dresser is on your dream list, we’ve got some options that might fulfill your vision for an elegant antique-filled bathroom. The brand new antique vanity line in our portfolio has good looks and offers up plenty of storage too, coupled with rich colors, intricate designs and hand-carved detailing. We suggest you check out the Fresca brand Laberge Antique Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Baltic Brown Countertop or the Fresca brand Brampton Antique Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Black Galaxy Countertop. Both are lovely!

One of the trends we’ve been following in furniture vanities is the popularity of cocoa finishes. This rich coloration appears almost black, often incorporating an opaque stain. Cherry vanity cabinets with a black glaze are also hot. We’re right on it (as usual) with our antique bathroom vanites, which include not only Victorian styling but also interesting wood species and finishes including cherry, walnut and coffee. Our diversified portfolio is fully intended to provide you with the most options.

In a quick recap, antique bathroom vanities are design pluses because they offer:
  • Furniture-like qualities with a finished look.
  • An antique vanity and sink combo makes a strong focal point.
  • Sets the tone for the rest of room (i.e., the faucets you choose, the room’s accent colors, etc.).
  • Deep cabinets beneath the sink provide ample storage space.


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