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Clever Ideas: How to Gain Bathroom Storage Space
Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011
Since the topic of bathroom storage is in just about every magazine and design television show about bathrooms (large and small) these days, we thought we’d keep the topic at the top of our list too — moving forward with a focus on how to make your life easier in your bathroom — so that it’s ultimately more spa-like, less cluttered and that haven for relaxation you so desire. Sounds like we’ve got our work cut out for us!

Recessed Creativity

In a recent blog post, we suggested using dual storage/linen-style cabinets flanking a pedestal sink in-between. We still like that set up, but we’ve also recently discovered how appealing an extra medicine cabinet can be as well. Two is definitely better than one!
For instance, if you’re renovating or building new, consider integrating a recessed wall space as the designated spot for an extra medicine cabinet. It’s got a vintage-esque design sense that just seems to work and provides an extra spot to hold toiletries without making a mess. We like this, especially in an aesthetic with clean lines or a loft-like ambience. In the portfolio several medicine cabinets that could validate this “recessed” suggestion are:

Alternatively, if the medicine cabinet idea doesn’t fit your style, you can still make the most out of an extra recessed wall area. Designers recommend “cap trim tile” to create ledges for resting quality tempered glass shelving. It’s still very much a retro throwback, and we’re totally behind the notion of an open cabinet. It’s the perfect spot to stack your Egyptian combed cotton towels — and here we go again — it’s imitating the hotel to home design philosophy too. Now, here’s the kicker: If you like, add a display alcove into the space as an annex, how about above the toilet?
Smart Moves in Bathroom Storage: Shared Cabinets
Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Storage is one of the primary requests for bathroom renovations. So where the heck do we put all of our stuff? Experts in the fine art of organization can easily validate a design query like this. That’s right, there’s really an association (and experts) for helping us figure out such a thing! A recent survey by NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, indicates that 96 percent of respondents feel that they could gain more time at home if they were better organized. “Experts in the organizing industry agree that there are no ‘cookie cutter’ solutions,” reports NAPO. “There are many different personality types, work styles, and environmental influences, so each person must find the system that works best for him or her.” So with that knowledge in hand, let’s apply this statement to your bathroom and come up with a storage solution that fits your lifestyle and family needs.

Storage Solutions
-- Shared bathrooms
Husbands and wives in one bathroom, siblings in another. Where does all the stuff go? Try divvying up the cabinets (drawers and/or shelves) to a specific individual. Once you know where your stuff belongs and which drawer is yours, identify the other vacant spots for your husband/wife, brother/sister, etc. You get the picture. Here’s an item from the portfolio that we think would be great for most contemporary baths and easy to divvy up: Fresca Hampton traditional double sink bathroom vanity. Why it’s perfect: It has six drawers to share and two under the countertop storage sections that can also be jointly used to provide everyone with plenty of room.
-- Short on space solution
Use two storage towers to provide just enough space for towels, utilitarian goods you use daily and perhaps even an accessory to give it a little personalization and oomph (especially if there’s visible open shelving). Here are a couple products from our portfolio that you could double up on to flank a chic sink situated in the middle:
Espresso bathroom linen cabinet with three open shelves. Why it’s perfect: The three open shelves are excellent space organizers as are the closed drawer and the closed bottom tier. We also like the Fresca Adour bathroom side cabinet LT. It’s perfect because it’s lean and modern in its appeal and offers four spacious interior cubbies plus a pull out drawer. What more could you ask for?
Glam Up the Bath: From Finishes to Accessories
Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011
If you’re trying to figure out how to glam up your bath, the solution is easy: fixtures and finishes — from sophisticated faucets to cool chrome to even wall décor. You can jazz up and glam up a streamlined traditional-inspired pedestal sink with any number of bathroom accessories, including a multi-hued mosaic tile backsplash. Think like a designer and consider the color of the wall or textural backsplash pattern when making your choices, especially if the faucet you’ve selected is wall mounted. Excellent point!

Go Glam Robe Hooks
Accenting the purest of pristine white (it’s evergreen and that’s what we like about it) is all part of bringing your interior design dream to life. To mimic glam hotel looks at home, we’ve found that even small touches can communicate the vibe. One of the simplest ways is to integrate racks that provide ample room for hanging lux robes. Don’t you just love the cushy robes with the hotel name stitched on the pocket, the ones found in uber upscale hotel rooms? Purchase one from a famed hotel so you can create that hotel to home concept on your personal robe hook! We also like being able to stack our new fave on timeless accent shelving: Egyptian cotton-combed towels. Makes us feel like we’re at the Ritz! Other shelves that qualify as fulfilling the glam style include ones that offer multi-tiers to hold everyday toiletries. Just because something is a utilitarian object, doesn’t mean it can’t make a design statement! The combo of silver chrome set against a white sink aesthetic is clean, bold and modern. What’s not to like?

Since shopping is a huge part of the fun of renovating a bathroom or starting from the bottom up in your new home, start exploring your options by shopping at or in one of our three fabulous showrooms in Philadelphia, Brooklyn or our latest 10,000 square-foot wowzer in Staten Island, NY. While you’re in the thick of making choices, remember that once you’ve selected a faucet finish, designers advise that you carry it throughout to your towel racks and assorted accessories plus lighting fixtures. Yes, even lighting fixtures such as wall sconces, should be paired in the same family of finishes. Think ageless appeal when selecting polished chrome with polished chrome, bronze with bronze, and so on. Makes sense!
What’s Hot in Faucets: Top Finishes and Styles
Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2011
According to a reputable source we frequent from time to time — the National Kitchen & Bath Association — bathroom faucet finishes influence a majority of homeowners purchases, especially satin finishes. It appears that satin/brushed nickel faucets are on the rise due in part to the fact that fingerprints and scratches are less obvious. In other trend news: bronze and oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome (always a top seller thanks to its timelessness) and polished nickel remain high in terms of popularity. And our sell-through proves it!

Fresca Brand’s Dual Role

In the product portfolio, faucets play a significant role. We’ve got lots! In particular, our Fresca faucets have dual significance. The Fresca brand is what we choose to pair with the bathroom vanities we sell. Because of their popularity, our customers (yes, you the homeowner) can now purchase any of our Fresca brand faucets on an individual basis. How great is that? And, in keeping with the latest hoopla for faucets with a chrome finish — our modern, masculine appeal Fresca Isarus centerset chrome vanity/bathroom faucet is made from heavy-duty brass. Another fave, Fresca Bevera Single Handle Chrome Vanity/Bathroom Faucet, is featured as an option on almost all modern bathroom vanities we sell.
On the topic of what works and what doesn’t, a designer survey that recently crossed our desk revealed the following faucet tidbits:
  • Urban areas vs. less urban. There’s a design differential between the two which translates to preferences. There’s more of a demand for contemporary bathroom products in urban areas while in less urban areas, traditional remains the norm.
  • In today’s marketplace, there are even more products described as “transitional.” These designs are the result of in-between contours of contemporary and traditional styling. Homeowners (and home builders) have found that transitional bathroom products fit well in most interiors.
  • Sink choices affect faucet choices. If you’re thinking of a remodel or just want to add some zip to a tired bathroom, a new faucet is a small change with a lot of zing. Bear in mind that your sink design determines whether you require a widespread, single hole or wall mount.
Antique Lux: What’s New in the Modern Bathroom
Posted on Monday, March 21, 2011
We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: furniture style cabinets make unexpected focal points — in both powder rooms and elegant master bathrooms — and are one of the biggest trends in bathroom cabinetry today. While we sometimes go for the matchy-matchy look (think sink and tub faucets that match), we’re also all about being fresh and fashionable — which translates to a mix of styles, colors and more. Mixing old and new is the new normal. And that’s where our design team steps in to suggest you integrate an antique bathroom vanity into your design schematic just because you can! Blending antiques with other design genres is the latest aesthetic. If this topic was being bandied about on a Facebook page, we’d officially click on “like.”

Design Features
If a 19th-century English secretary dresser is on your dream list, we’ve got some options that might fulfill your vision for an elegant antique-filled bathroom. The brand new antique vanity line in our portfolio has good looks and offers up plenty of storage too, coupled with rich colors, intricate designs and hand-carved detailing. We suggest you check out the Fresca brand Laberge Antique Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Baltic Brown Countertop or the Fresca brand Brampton Antique Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Black Galaxy Countertop. Both are lovely!

One of the trends we’ve been following in furniture vanities is the popularity of cocoa finishes. This rich coloration appears almost black, often incorporating an opaque stain. Cherry vanity cabinets with a black glaze are also hot. We’re right on it (as usual) with our antique bathroom vanites, which include not only Victorian styling but also interesting wood species and finishes including cherry, walnut and coffee. Our diversified portfolio is fully intended to provide you with the most options.

In a quick recap, antique bathroom vanities are design pluses because they offer:
  • Furniture-like qualities with a finished look.
  • An antique vanity and sink combo makes a strong focal point.
  • Sets the tone for the rest of room (i.e., the faucets you choose, the room’s accent colors, etc.).
  • Deep cabinets beneath the sink provide ample storage space.
Not everything is out of reach. “Piecemeal” home improvements are now the new normal. Rather than making changes to the whole house, homeowners are finally reaching a place where they are comfortably investing once again in small yet significant renovations. That’s creating a positive buzz in the air economically and lifestyle-wise. News about improvements in the home includes top product trends such as European-styled toilets, baths with technology gizmos, bronze sinks and water-saving rain showerheads. Note that energy-saving products for the home are especially hot since they ultimately add financial value. The trend in general to reduce your carbon footprint is now more mainstream than you might have realized.

No Pressure
So for those of you who’ve grown tired of not having and not spending, things appear to be picking up (albeit modestly). Ask most homeowners what they want now, and the answer seems to be in sync across the board: to buy the best they can afford. But, according to analysts in the home renovation industry, this desire to buy affordably also creates an awful lot of pressure to make the “right” choices.

So let us help you make those choices. can help to alleviate the pressure of a renovation by providing you, the homeowner, with a superior product selection that intertwines affordability and luxury into one. That’s our moniker and we stand by it. Remember that typically homeowners can expect their home value to rise upwards of 80- to 90-percent of the amount they spend to remodel (for both a kitchen or a bathroom). It’s a stat we hear over and over again. And you can believe this: there’s plenty of competition to get a house sold for a good price these days While renovations do add value, we’re in agreement with those economic analysts who say to think about fewer major overhauls and instead to focus on sensible, modern product choices. It’s those cosmetic piecemeal changes — everything from new faucets and bathroom accessories to pedestal- and double sink bathroom vanities — that could make all the difference.
A recent stay at a swanky hotel with a deep free-standing bath tub and a sink with designer faucets, got us to thinking about how taking hotel décor into the home — whether minimalist and elegant or traditional and antique-filled — is more accessible than ever. Five-star hotels are what we like to call “memory makers” so why not bring some of those memories home with you in the form of a design that is tangible? That’s exactly why we sought out info on what’s happening at the hotel level, to see how it correlates to the products in the portfolio. We’re pleased to tell you that we’re right on it, with the hotel to home cachet at our fingertips. Our strongest relationships are with manufacturers offering products that capture the lux hotel vibe in affordable ways.

Accessing the Hotel Bath at Home
According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, even the most mundane products are now in vogue in hotel bathroom hotels and can effortlessly be replicated for home use. For example:
  • Double towel bars and rings are in high demand. It is all part of the “green recycling” trend to aid consumers in using their towels longer. The Danze brand has a variety of configurations to choose from, including the modern Sirius double towel bar. We think the Fresca brand Magnifico bath towel rack with double towel bar is also a perfect fit.
  • Space-saving elements appear to be critical, translating to more shelves on bathroom walls. Seems commonplace for toiletry and such, yet more often than not, these items would normally be found only on countertops or in baskets. But a two-tiered modern glass shelf with a quadruple chrome finish plus a high durability tempered glass shelf fits the hotel to home décor philosophy flawlessly.
  • Forget about built-in stone or marble shelves in the shower for soap. It appears that stainless corner shower shelves are what you’ll see more than ever, especially those with grooves that don’t capture excess soapy water. Avoid the mess and get the hotel look with Fresca’s quadruple chrome finish three-tier corner wire basket as a faultless example of this trend.
These products prove that over the top lux with a hotel-esque tenor is definitely within reach. Look for more to come on this topic regarding faucets, tile and other goods.
The Buyer’s Mindset: Where you fit in
Posted on Friday, March 11, 2011
If you’re brand-conscious, you’re like most buyers. Although research indicates that how much weight a brand name carries is predicated on your income level. Interesting, right? We thought so, because as all of you know by now, we’re the leading supplier of bathroom products for the affordable luxury market. Our brands are winners across the board and include Fresca in bathroom vanities and shower massage panels, plus Danze for faucets, among others. We stand by all of them for quality, style, lux design sensibility and yes, affordability.

The Hype
According to the Research Institute for Coking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) and a news story appearing in Kitchen & Bath Design magazine, there are different mindsets both in the design arena and brand choices that relate directly to whether or not you fit into a particular income group from Ultra-High-End to Moderate. Since there are people in all three economic brackets that shop, we were interested to hear what the study’s results had to say. Here goes. Homeowners in the uppermost bracket are at least twice as likely to have reached out for professional help from kitchen and/or bath designers for their latest remodel projects. Hmm. Perhaps this could be evidence as to why the Do It Yourself (DIY) market has resonated so well with television programs appealing to that growing niche demographic.

RICKI also found that the majority of adults (68 percent) would search until they find 1) the product they are looking for and 2) the right price. We relate to that. At we’re so committed to our affordable pricing that we actually offer a 110 percent price match guarantee. Seriously! If you find a lower price from a competitor we will not only meet that lower price, but also provide you with an additional 10 percent off the difference (within 15 days of when you make your purchase). How does that sound savvy shoppers?

One more thing, anyone who is primarily brand-conscious over everything else, is likely to fall into the Ultra-High-End spending set and is far more likely to enunciate the following: “I believe that the brands I buy somehow reflect on me.” Duly noted.
By now you’ve probably gathered that sourcing products and searching out the best of the best — at the most affordable lux pricing we can find — is one of our strengths. We aim to please both our online and showroom shoppers! We scour business news to understand how trends in product categories other than our own, can speak to something much larger. For example, Procter and Gamble reports that Febreze has hit the $1 billion mark in sales by selling itself as more than an air freshener. Meaning the product kills odors in stuff that ordinarily would require expensive cleaning bills — like stinky curtains and sofas. Affordability rules yet again and obviously influences the shopper in the marketplace, for products large and small.

Business trade shows are also influential brand makers. When we sent members of our design team to an international products show, they scouted for everything apropos to the brand (and beyond). Their goal: to see how affordable lux influenced design. But before we share our insights from that outing, we want to tell you about a consumer survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens that hit home. It says homeowners are tired of “wasted space,” and want “more value for their dollar.” We’re on the same page! Affordability and energy efficient design plus goods that resonate with one’s personal style remain high priorities. Space features sought by consumers reveal expectations based on “setting priorities.” These include: at least one bathroom with its own private bath, an eating space in or close to the kitchen, a separate laundry room and additional storage space with walk in closets or build-ins.
As for product news from seminars at the 2011 International Builder’s Show, stainless steel appliances remain high on the list of must haves, along with contemporary sleek designs. Other top design priorities for 2011 include:

  • Freestanding tubs with a separate stand-up shower in the bathroom.
  • Color schemes – earth tones, blues and blue greens.
  • International design influence, especially Asian design in both décor and functional products.
  • Ceiling details accenting rooms within open floor plans.
  • Living areas wired for technology.
  • Organizational features, built-ins, and smart storage concepts.
  • Universal design features incorporated in subtle ways.
  • Artistic tile in baths and kitchens; organic nature-driven patterns.
  • Energy efficient products, especially toilets and showerheads.
  • LED lighting incorporated in sinks, showers, and, medicine cabinets.
News and Trends: From the Economy to Design
Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2011
We do our homework. Meaning we trend track to keep up to date with the latest that’s happening in the design world. We also do so on the topic of home renovation. It’s a must because once our product portfolio leaves our warehouse and goes directly to a homeowner rehabbing or buying new, we think of it as win-win for our biz, the homeowner and our economy. If you’re shopping in our showrooms or buying online, that’s a good thing for all of us. On that front, we recently learned some interesting and dare we say, good news, from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. Allowing a three-year downturn, a sustainable recovery for the remodeling industry is expected in 2011, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA). A report issued by the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University states the following, 
“Favorable interest rates, a pickup in home sales, and the strengthening economy should lead to healthy gains in remodeling spending this year,” says Eric S. Belsky, managing director of the Joint Center.

Continued Growth
The Joint Center for Housing Studies has also advises not to worry about an initial burst in activity if the recovery loses some steam due to continuing problems with weak house prices and large numbers of distressed properties — because this overall trend is leaning toward continued growth for 2011. Yipee!

With that kind of news, now we can all go back to thinking about creative product design and what the next great product will be for the bathroom! What we can we say, we’re ambitious thinkers! Since we rely upon the wisdom of an array of sources (our own design team included), here are just a few trends floating through the universe, which means we all need to pay closer attention! We like that there’s a conversation happening in the design world on: Integrated sink tops, pedestal – drop in- and vessel sinks, Maple and Alder cabinet finishes, Quartz countertops, polished chrome and bronze and stainless steel finishes, plus marble vanity tops.

What are you garnering in trend news? Share your thoughts with us!
Dual Bathroom Vanities: Why Two are Better than One
Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011
The his and her sink phenomenon is going strong. It’s a natural for couples, busy families and yes, even single homeowners, to see the merit for upping the ante at resale by turning their bathroom into a room with lots of spa attributes and convenience factors. Double sink bathroom vanities are a no brainer say kitchen and bath designers in the know. As the long-running design television program This Old House reports, “A second sink is like having an extra pair of hands.” So with that said, we’ve sourced the product array and have come up with a slew of options for those of you who might be interested. Click on “Bathroom Vanities” when you check out for double vanity styles that suit your design vision and budget. Thankfully, Formica sink surrounds/countertops are a thing of the past. Don’t miss our newest line of sophisticated antique bathroom vanities, which are trending upwards on the furniture scale! We especially love the one with an antique ivory finish over a solid birch frame.


What we especially like about double vanities is that they offer the following:

1. Adds Space! If a single sink vanity is going to take up the same amount of space as a double sink vanity (and many do), then maximize your space to wash up, apply make-up, shave and brush your teeth with increased space for all your stuff.

2. Defeats Clutter! Double sink bathroom vanities are real time savers since they provide homeowners the chance to be more organized. Organization leads to less clutter, which ultimately saves you time.
As a matter of fact, according to the National Organization of Professional Organizers, a consumer study found that 55 percent of the respondents would save upwards of 16 minutes to one hour a day if they were more organized. That translates into anywhere from two to 15 days a year being wasted!

3. Becomes Focal Point! That’s right, not only do you have a gorgeous bathroom to showoff as your master but also now you have a chance to personalize the space and provide personal space at the same time! No longer are you limited to a one size fits all design-style, there’s uber modern, traditional, antique with a furniture sensibility and transitional. Wood species, handle hardware and other details aren’t what they used to be either. Go teak!
For most people we’ve surveyed, indulging in small luxuries seems to be a common thread. Let’s face it, life’s daily routine can be daunting at times, so knowing there’s light at the end of the tunnel — be it a really good piece of dark chocolate or a sushi dinner at the latest hotspot — is something most people can relate to. We also think that’s why we’re so motivated at home to slow down the rushing world outside and turn to a place of solace, comfort, quite and peace. It’s another way of indulging (isn’t it?) to escape to your personal retreat, a.k.a. the bathroom. What makes it even better is if you’ve designed it with your vision in mind. Yes, we’re here again at the recurring story of why the evolving bathroom is such a meaningful space.
Let’s consider what takes us out of the hurried life — is it a fab whirlpool soaking tub, a mirror embedded with a TV or a multi-jet shower panel easily shared by two, or is it a dressing room/bath combo with a Hollywood cachet? There are lots of ways to unwind thanks to more innovative products with affordable price tags.

Water Massage
Open, airy and larger than ever. Lux in the bathroom is spelled s-h-o-w-e-r! Making the bath space an oversized shower wall-less shower stall is a European aesthetic now being emulated nationwide. However, when that’s not a feasible way to go — what continues to be the ultra spa alternative are fully loaded steam showers with the likes of ceiling rain showers, multiple shower jets, body sprays and even foot massages.
We’re happy to report that taking a tub is still trending high. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like soaking in a bath with soothing heat and powerful jets. While it’s a must for the master bath, designers also suggest including a Whirlpool tub as an addition to the guest room bath — a real asset for privacy for friends and visiting relatives. The plus to this — besides wowing all — is that it will substantially increase the resale value of your home. Note to self: Making home renovation additions for an enhanced lifestyle is hot for pampering and property investment!
Your bathrooms may very well be a picture perfect spa retreat. But it’s also a room that demands being able to hold lots of stuff. The late comedian George Carlin might have said it best: “A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it.” So if you think you’re in need of a bit more storage in the bath for all your stuff, join the club. Storage (or the lack thereof) is one of the top problems cited by homeowners hoping to renovate a bathroom or build one brand new. Solutions for a less than effective bathroom due to limited floor space and square footage or an oddly configured layout will require creativity. This could come in the form of vanities with hideaway compartments and organizational shelving below the sink to kid-friendly modular cubes or cool modern hooks for robes and towels. Options are plenty. HGTV advises homeowners to think about adding freestanding cabinets for linens along with a beautiful armoire for towels and big essentials, such as hairdryers and other such tools. Even consider a shelf in front of the mirror or recessed cabinets on either side of it, wall racks for towels or a floating shelf below sconce lighting that’s perfect for a stack of towels in a very hotel to home sort of way. We like it!

Storage Supplies
We also really like the idea of using linen cabinet for both inside and outside the bath. Most nowadays have a furniture quality in keeping with the furniture vanity trend. One excellent example is a top seller at, the Fresca brand espresso finish bathroom linen cabinet with three tempered glass shelves. It provides an ample amount of storage space and has a sleek elegant aesthetic. Our design team calls it a winner for its versatility and asserts that it pairs well with other bath furnishings with a similar finish.
We’d also like to share two of our favorite crossover storage ideas that take their cue from the kitchen:
-- Take the kitchen dishtowel bar inside the cabinet and recast it for the bath. Add towel bars and hooks inside vanity cabinetry so hand towels can dry (without being seen) but still be easily accessible.
--Use a cooking utensil holder with a basket (you’ve seen them used primarily in kitchens over islands for pots and pans). In the bath, you can easily use a hooked hanging basket for your must have toiletries.
We call these storage supplies with a twist. Not only do these ideas make sense, but they also maintain our ongoing theme of affordable luxury, function, and yes, style.
This is the most utilitarian bathroom product of them all, but it also has evolved into one of the most stylish. It’s the toilet. And yes, that’s right, we’re talking style icon. Haute is the mantra here. Specifically haute cool equals modern minimalism. Are we the first to come up with this moniker — not likely, but it is true that some of the big pros in toilet manufacturing have turned around this mundane product category with gobs of grace by designing sophisticated elongated, contoured Euro-designed toilets. As for the evolving eco-sustainable product portfolio of companies in the 21st Century, you can count us in as a proponent and seller of eco-friendly sustainable goods. has the pulse on what’s hot in design but also takes a stance on “green” with toilets with low water consumption and dual flush systems to regulate water usage.
Know that remodeling and new construction service firms report that water consumption in the bathroom is higher than elsewhere in the home. So plan ahead to save on your water bills. Be proactive with the type of low volume toilet you install. Consider a model that uses 1.6 gallons per flush, which just so happens to meet the federal standard certifying that there will be absolutely no wasted water. For those of you seeking to conserve while also being fashionable, the Fresca Bolzano toilet comes highly recommended thanks to its dual flushing system with an option of 0.8 gallons per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush.

Designed to Impress
Minimalism is a movement with a clean-line aesthetic that perfectly suits the spa/retreat at home concept that we tout so often. In our opinion, the efficient design of the minimalist toilet is as sculptural as a contoured faucet. Several of our top best sellers epitomize the minimalist modern trend: Fresca Apus and Fresca Imperia are elongated toilets that have elegant facades but also have super comfy seats. You’ve gotta love that! The shapes are Euro-style to the max, nothing ordinary. And while we support designing a master bathroom so there’s a privacy wall for private toilet time — these toilets aren’t ones that you would necessarily feel compelled to hide. In fact, we’d even go so far as to call them a focal point in their own right (along with your minimalist bathroom vanity or pedestal sink).
Peak Performance Range Hoods? We’ve Got Those Too!
Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Here’s something you might not know about We’re the premier bathroom source for affordable luxury both online and in our three showrooms — including our newest 10,000-square foot location in Staten Island, NY — but did you know we’re also your source for ultra modern stainless steel wall- and island-mounted kitchen range exhaust hoods? It’s the centerpiece of the kitchen and a must-have utilitarian product, so our design team asserts that finding one that suits your dream kitchen vision is just as important as your countertop or appliances choices. All these elements work cohesively design-wise, so don’t short shrift on the range hood!
Here’s the scoop on our offerings. Available in a variety of dimensions in order to fit seamlessly into any kitchen design layout, the affordable luxury line of Cavaliere range hoods is both performance heavy and good looking.

Advanced Technology +

If you’re looking for a chef-inspired range hood, look no further. You know how we’re always talking about a focal point in the room? Well, nowadays the range hood is the definitive one. It’s pivotal for function, thanks to fans that effortlessly eliminate odors (advances in this area have been truly remarkable). Take the stunning Cavaliere model 218D 30” Island Mounted Range Hood, for example. This modern machine has high visual impact. As such, it also sits high on the list of top buys for its many attributes, which include six fan speeds, built-in halogen lights to illuminate your stove top and touch sensitive blue LED lighting on the keypad. In our opinion, it’s not only a functioning appliance, but it reflects the latest in Euro trends thanks to its sleek styling and subtle radiance.
As for the relevance of LED, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) reported recently on the topic of lighting noting that incandescent is on the way out. Fewer and fewer designers are incorporating incandescent bulbs into their overall room designs. Instead, it’s all about energy-efficient options. And while the use of halogen lighting is on going, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting has increased from 47 percent to 54 percent. Our range hoods hit the mark yet again!