Saturday, February 12, 2011

Timesaving and Stylish - Double Sink Vanities Rule

When house hunters are given a chance for a double sink bathroom vanity in their master bath, two is the preference all the way. It’s the smartest alternative to his and her separate baths. And in today’s housing and design market, standalone vanities are increasing in popularity. It’s also true that double sinks are great for kids’ bathrooms! These convenient time savers let busy people multi-task together — brushing teeth, shaving, washing hands, etc. It’s not only double the fun but it’s also good for your relationships! Since a double sink vanity is a must utilitarian item for just about any home, the only restriction for those of you longing for one is that you do need a quantity of space to support dual sink furniture.

Double the Selection
At, we’re committed to saving couples and families who are short on time unnecessary grooming hassles by offering double sink vanities in a wide selection of styles and materials. We’re talking across a gamut of modern, traditional, antique and contemporary designs. And just think, by going double, that means double the countertop space, cabinets and storage drawers. So if you’re thinking of replacing an ordinary outdated sink or starting brand new with your dream come true bathroom design — let us be your source and guide.
Your new double sink bath vanity could be the showstopper you were hoping for — even the focal point of the space. Choose traditional or ultra-modern from a stunning product portfolio at We’re particularly proud of the caliber of our Fresca brand double sink vanities — from Fresca Almanor Antique and Laberge (timeless!) to Fresca Bellezza Modern style. And one of the best parts is the fact that the entire line is now 10 percent off in celebration of our new flagship showroom in Staten Island, NY. So if you were even tinkering with the idea of purchasing a new double sink vanity, the time is now! Take advantage of the grand opening discount on prices that already represent the best in affordable luxury for the home.