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Savvy Sinks
Posted on Monday, February 7, 2011
What’s your sink of choice — integrated sink tops, drop-ins, vessel sinks or pedestals? Whatever your preference, you win a prize for all of the above — since each category is cited on the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Top 10 Trend Watch list. At we stay on top of the design curve (check out our online offerings and what’s in our showrooms — including our newest 10,000 square foot showroom in Staten Island) for these top 10 trend winners, among others.

Contemporary, Fun and Cutting-Edge
One of our favorites by and far is the vessel sink. It’s likeable for a lot of reasons — starting with the notion of affordable luxury. At, vessel sinks start as low as $99! So for budget-minded shoppers who seek panache without a big-ticket price tag, you can still easily add a whole lot of style to your bathroom or powder room without breaking the bank. And you can save counter space too! Vessel sink basins take up a whole lot less area than sinks that are recessed, for instance. That’s another big plus as far as the design world sees it.

For do it yourself (DIY) types, vessels are faves because installation isn’t as difficult or as costly as other sinks (no cut-outs needed, for example). Plus, you can switch out vessel sinks much easier than a drop-in, if you get tired of its style or if you want to change out your palette at any point. You could go from a concentric squares glass vessel sink to copper ripple glass in no time!
Another critical plus point for a vessel sink is that you can incorporate it with any number of counters — from an antique table base or even something with a modern more minimalist contour. With just the right vessel sink, a simple and austere design can have an added pinch of warmth. It’s amazing how many vessel sinks are now on the market for almost any aesthetic, thanks to colorful bowls in rainbow hues as well as textured and rippled glass. Some popular materials in addition to glass includes cast iron, marble, decorative vitreous china and even natural stone.
Diversification for the bath is actually why we find design to be so fun and exciting. It’s the reason we are who we are! The face of design is always changing and new designs and technologies are becoming even more affordable and accessible.

Coming up… setting the mood with plumbing fixtures to compliment your vessel sink!


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