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Have you thought about how your bathroom mirror coordinates with your room design? Are you inclined for a wooden frame traditional with shelves, a contemporary unframed oval with a built in magnifying mirror or are you the eclectic sort who’ll hang two different mirrors over a his and her vanity? Whatever your design direction, there are a slew of considerations when choosing a bathroom mirror. The design team at has a few ideas that echo some HGTV strategies (yes, we’re devotees too). Feel free to use the following advice when making your mirror choices:

1. Your bathroom vanity should always be larger than the mirror. Never hang a mirror over a vanity if the size of the mirror takes away from the vanity as a focal point of the room.
2. However, since couples (and siblings sharing a bathroom) are usually fans of double sink bathroom vanities — here’s where you can go big! Even consider wall-to-wall for extra drama. Or if you prefer, design the space so that one mirror is situated above each sink.
3. Since lighting is key for life’s daily bathroom tasks, side lights on the mirror(s) are smart, but we also like the trend of hanging a sconce directly on the mirror (this nifty little designer trick will add twice as much light to the room).
4. If your bathroom is on the small side, mirrors will definitely add depth. The results in one heck of an optical illusion.
5. Speaking of space — there are physical space savers you can add into the bathroom, like mirrored medicine cabinets. Don’t shy from the idea — there are ultra modern and recessed designs that will make a statement while keeping your toiletries out of sight. Consider our Fresca medicine cabinet with a built-in light (good news — the Fresca brand is 10 percent off in celebration of our new Staten Island, NY showroom). It’s definitely a top seller in our portfolio for its clean lines and for being a multifunction storage element too.

So what are you waiting for? Go for a unique shape and create a visual point of interest. The decorative vanity mirror you choose just might set the tone for the space as a whole. How cool is that?


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