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Mega Stress Reducers: Shower Panels Make Relaxing Easy
Posted on Monday, February 28, 2011
Let’s all take a deep breath in. Now exhale. Ahh, relaxation. Yep, that’s the goal for 2011, according to a recent spa trend report that cites relaxation as the primary reason why people love to go to spas. We couldn’t agree more. And that’s why having your own spa retreat/sanctuary at home in your bathroom is a huge factor contributing to the wellness revolution for Baby Boomers, among others. Think of your home spa as your antidote to life’s untold stresses. As the warmth of cascading water sprays at various angles from your shower panel — it washes away tensions and rejuvenates you. As you lather up, consider the following mantra “no worry, no hurry.” Bet you feel better now, right? Well, no wonder — you’ve entered the home walk-in shower escape, a.k.a. spa zone.

The Spa Shower
Here’s some more good news for designophiles. Brushed bronze stainless steel is one of the top finishes cited by the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2011 design survey, which notes that bronze is a mega popular faucet finish in both the kitchen and bathroom. Enter Dé’s Fresca Pavia stainless steel (brushed bronze) thermostatic shower panel with an ultra modern vibe. Note: this shower panel is also available in brushed grey and brushed silver. We love this shower panel’s good looks, but its function is what really counts here — providing you with a massage capability on par with any spa we’ve come across. How swell is that? Basic showerhead? Hardly. Instead there are four (count ‘em!) water outputs, including a showerhead for the ever-so-trendy rainfall effect, a handheld showerhead for accessing those hard to reach places from head to toe, four swiveling massage water jets and a convenient tub filling water spout on the bottom. With vertical spa concepts bigger (and better) than ever, we think this is just what you’ve been looking for. And, thanks to the opening of our new Staten Island showroom, all Fresca brand products receive an additional 10 percent off until March 1st! Why not buy two?


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