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Jetted Tub Trends: For the Wellness and Relaxation Seeker
Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Are the days of jetted tubs passé? Not if we have anything to say about it! Today, the tub is all about comfort, functionality and design. Lots of designers aren’t waving a flag for chromatherapy, aromatherapy or other add-ons that once garnered tons of press. In keeping with that perspective, most homeowners say they are less interested in bells and whistles and want a tub that’s less maintenance-intensive — such as ones with built-in ozone disinfecting cleaning systems like the standalone Ariel Platinum Whirlpool Tub — and have more therapeutic elements including soothing heat and powerful jets. Simplicity rather than all out super techie seems to be the directive.

Make it Work
As more architects allocate space for tubs in master bath suites, certain shapes fit the bill — so it’s imperative to have the specs for the model you like and to share the info with your contractor, architect or designer. This way everyone knows what’s needed to make it work. If you’re the DIY type and take on the contractor role, you too will need the info. We’ve found that corner tubs work especially well in tight spaces. For those remodeling, you might be able to stay within the existing footprint and utilize innovative space planning to turn the tub into a focal point with a stunning surround. We like combining glass tiles and smaller mosaic tile to cocoon the tub. It’s modern and chic! And, if you’re thinking of a total bathroom makeover, nowadays you can find whirlpools that are even part of coordinated bath suites.

Although it’s been reported that (especially in recent years) people have indeed scaled back on high-investment luxuries, there’s still wiggle room for our favorite substitute: affordable luxuries! So once again’s ever-present phrase comes into play for those of you seeking to update your bathroom with a Whirlpool tub from a quality brand. There are a few considerations to work through, such as: Will it fit the space and fit through the door? Where’s the plumbing? How often will I really use it? Do I want to bathe solo or with a partner? Ask yourself these questions (among others) when determining the Whirlpool that is right for you.

And, if you happen to decide that a tub with an elegant waterfall inlet that pours out a cascade of water that’s constantly warmed by the heat pump has your name on it — just remember we’re your source.


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