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So what’s the color du jour? If you’re thinking of painting your bathroom or powder room to inject something new into the space, we’ve got some exciting “hues news” for you.
We recently learned that more than 100 designers who are members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), and who designed bathrooms during the last three months of 2010, participated in a survey regarding what they see as design trends for 2011. While some results were surprising — like the color green increasing in hotness — we also think this kind of info is a perfect indicator that there will be some rather specific changes in bath styles and designs happening this year. Here’s a heads up.

Green Bathrooms and More
The National Kitchen & Bath Association reports that the color green, (not a reference to eco-friendly spaces) — was a palette used by only 14 percent of NKBA designers a year ago. But at the end of 2010, that figure had risen to 24 percent. — a 10 percent increase that’s deemed trend worthy. And this could be one of the reasons why: Our need for a peaceful home retreat. Cool colors like green (and blue) provide a sense of serenity and also pair beautifully with white and/or silver fixtures.

The NKBA survey continues with a discussion of whites and off-whites, beiges and browns, saying these shades continue to be the three most commonly used color tones in the bathroom palette. The design survey touts that while white and off-white palettes are up slightly from 57 percent to 60 percent — beiges, which wear well and are safe neutrals, are down sharply from 66 percent to 57 percent, while browns have dropped from 48 percent to 38 percent. But we have to opine on brown, especially varying shades of mocha and rich chocolate brown, which we love. We believe that this color that was once called dull has been transformed into something indicative of artisan chocolates and good taste! You’ll find that a rich brown palette has a strong presence with select bathroom vanities at and also in our three showrooms located in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Staten Island (our newest hotspot!). Other common color tones cited by the NKBA include blues (especially those that are crisp and spa-like) at 22 percent, grays at 21 percent, and bronzes and terracotta at 17 percent.

Here’s how we see it: While we all love colorful bath rugs and bathroom accessories, why stop there? Paint the walls, or just the ceiling, but go ahead and paint! Even a painted frame for a mirror in just the right color can heighten the drama of your bathroom or help to turn it into a tranquil sanctuary. Color phobic? Never!


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