Monday, February 14, 2011

Find a Focal Point - Create a Visually Impressive Bathroom

What’s a focal point in the design world? You’ll know the answer by asking yourself the following question: What do you first notice when you enter a room? eHow describes it as this: “Creating a focal point in interior decorating is a great way to bring a room together and give it some perspective. A fireplace, a single red chair in an otherwise monotone room or simply a vase of contrasting flowers can be a focal point.” We like this clear-cut definition. Now let’s think of it in terms of its meaning in the bathroom.

A Lasting Impression
A focal point can be a gleaming petite chandelier because one stunning element might just be enough. However, we think one of the best ways to generate an attention grabbing focal point is to pair a scene-stealing vanity with a mirror, and if you like, you can even add vanity lighting to further enhance the mirror’s impact. It speaks of something cohesive. And, know this — there’s a strategy to placement of any focal point. Should you give it prominence in your room arrangement? Absolutely. What might seem like a no-brainer is a common thread you read about and hear designers emphasize repeatedly. Hey, we keep up with HGTV!

From our portfolio at, there are plenty of furnishings and fixtures that can act as focal points to create a certain mood, or theme. You could choose to wrap your room and your focal point in white on white or use French antiques. We’re also fond of a romantic treatment or even one that goes high-tech modern or employs classic elegance. With white on white, we like its universal appeal; French antique has flair and a chic sensibility that suits us aesthetically while the whole notion of romantic is deftly translated through bathroom furniture that screams of refined opulence. As for high-tech modern, who doesn’t love the idea of a TV integrated into a mirror. And when we speak of classic (our constant fave) it’s all about engaging — how about a columnar pedestal sink with a warm color palette?
You see, at we’ve got lots of focal points on purpose! This way you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.