Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fab Vessel Filler Faucets

In follow-up to our posting on vessel sinks, as promised, here’s the latest commentary on vessel (bowl) filler faucets — faucets that are specifically designed for vessel sinks. The choices are quite varied and offer a striking aesthetic that over time just seems to progressively keep getting better (from both a function and design stand point). At DecorPlanet.com, we proudly offer one of the finest and most regarded names in the faucet biz, Danze. In the mix of offerings are Danze Single Handle Vessel Fillers with traditional and modern lines. Perhaps one of the reasons we favor this brand is because we’re in total agreement with the Danze philosophy which strives to: “feature inspired design, staying at the forefront of decorating trends and offering something unique for every taste."

Attention Grabbers
Vessel sinks do tend to draw a lot of attention and more often than not, they become the focal point of the bathroom/powder room. Isn’t that exactly what you wanted! Designers often advise homeowners that their countertop might end up playing a secondary role when they discuss how vessel sinks and single lever faucet combos have impacted 21st Century bathroom design. It can essentially be summed up in two words: Big time! Vessel faucets on their own merit have exceeded expectations — winning their own kudos in the good looks department. At DecorPlanet.com we tend to have a fondness for vertical single levers with Euro-styling and simple or pure modern lines. Top sellers in the industry come in chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. In the case of vessel bowls, they are often seated above the countertop (and/or atop a pedestal base) and therefore call for an above the counter installation. Note to homeowners: you will find vessel faucets in wall- and deck-mount configurations. However, wall mounts are the method of choice for many designers. One telling reasons being that deck-mounts for vessel sinks need to be really tall in order to clear the bowl. Vessel bowls actually have two valid requirements that simply make practical sense on faucet and bowl wear and tear. 1. Water flow must go down to the bottom of the sink, otherwise, it could cause unnecessary splashing. 2. You need to calculate the right amount of space between the sink and the faucet, so you have enough room for the basics — like brushing your teeth or washing your hands.
As for the vessel bowl of your dreams, always select tempered (shatter-proof) glass, like the ones available through DecorPlanet.com.