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Enhanced Décor - Must Mosaic Tile
Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2011
What might your new bathroom or remodel need to highlight its color palette? Mosaic tile, of course! Long-lasting, mosaic wall tile is a traditional mainstay for surrounds, backsplashes, countertops and shower walls as they are made to stand the test of time. But now tile is garnering newfound attention thanks to bold amped-up colors, graphic elements such as cutouts and tactile textures (check out tumbled series, for instance). Aesthetically perfect for designs that are sleek, modern and very fashion-forward, according to Coverings, the international trade show for the tile and stone industry, it’s all about the popularity of saturated colors. Look for tile in countless shades with rich accent colors, especially those with a focus on periwinkles and reds.
Favorite mosaic tile in our product portfolio include those with a matte finish, polished glass finish and metal textures. As for those all the rage hues touted by Coverings, we’ve also got ‘em! So if you’re looking for saturated shades paired with lush earthy neutrals — like a rich amber glow paired with red mix mosaic — look no further. Experts in the field say the translucence stops the colors from being too intense. We agree! Maybe that’s one of the reasons we like cool-water-inspired hues too — like blue glass Listello. Besides these “must” colors and designs, we offer most tiles in the standard 12" by 12" size to make it easy for you to measure out exactly how many you'll need to order. We plan ahead for you.

As a decorative element, tile not only has vibrant color but you can also find them with dimensional textures and patterns — like the flower series in black, red, green and other fab colors. It’s further evidence of the fact that traditional floral motifs are in high demand. In some ways, tile now imitate fabrics and quite realistically too — everything from silk to snake skin — automatically appealing to one’s sense of touch.
Trendy shapes now include simple circles and an array of spheres furthering tile’s artistic appeal. And we’ve got these covered too — with the “pebbles” series in’s line-up, available in hues of beige and red mixes.


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