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Double the Fun - Designing a Bathroom for Two
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011
There’s something about carefully designing that dream bathroom that just get’s you all charged up. Especially since all your ideas have been living in your head for a long time. To start, it’s got the appealing color palette you’ve always wanted and inventive fixtures, but more importantly, there’s a jetted tub to die for (enough dedicated space for the two of you) and a focal point must — a vanity with two sinks that’s complete with the best lighting and mirrors. Now it’s time to buy towels! Once you’ve decided to renovate your old bath or move into a new home and begin with a blank canvas, there are a few things worth considering. Let’s begin with the topic of size. Despite the era of mega estate McMansion-style homes, not everyone has a ginormous bathroom space. But the trend toward using furniture in the bath, such as an antique vanity, has lots of homeowners craving more space. If your bathroom retreat isn’t the size of a hotel spa, don’t fret. It takes creativity and just the right products to help you to carve out an aesthetically pleasing functional space, no matter the size. Let’s get started.

Think Times Two
Let’s look at some suggestions from the design team:
  1. Double up with stylish bathroom accessories to stay organized for two. Eliminate towels on the floor and mess with double (his/her) towel bars and double robe/pajama hooks.
  2. Avoid clutter and claustrophobia. The easiest way to give yourself some breathing space (especially for two) is to avoid loading up the countertop with all kinds of stuff — everything from toiletries to hair gadgets. Rather, clear the counter by utilizing a glass shelf (or two — his and her style) for daily necessities. This is also helpful for extra storage if you end up using two pedestal sinks (with limited to no counter space) rather than a double vanity.
  3. Shower Power. If you’ve got room for two showerheads, that’s one thing. But if you’re space permits just one — ensure the showerhead is pleasing for both of you. That means modern multiple spray settings are exactly what you want (and need) — from serious muscle massage to a soothing end of day rainshower effect.
  4. Expansion Plus. The trend toward having access to your walk-in closet from the bathroom is a norm nowadays for newer homes and a must for expansion renovation projects. This is a perfect adaptive space annex idea for couples that have square footage that isn’t being utilized to its max.
There are plenty more ideas to come. But for now, be sure to check out for storage accessories to keep your counter clutter to a minimum, fab dual vanities, modern pedestal sinks, designer mirrors and other bathroom musts we know you’ll love.


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