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Design + Style: Mixing it up with Antique Vanities
Posted on Thursday, February 3, 2011
The interest in modern, functional design for the bath isn’t cut and dry. Meaning, it’s not limited to only simple clean lines, a neutral palette and chrome. For some homeowners and design enthusiasts it’s a modern interior 100 percent or nothing. But for others, it can also be about softening a minimalist mid-century modern setting by incorporating antiques within it. Especially so in the bath. Naysayers might gravitate to the notion of something ending up with a shabby chic sentiment only, nixing it from the start. But it isn’t about that once ubiquitous design premise. Rather, a move toward serious furniture pieces in the bathroom has been in the making for the last ten years. Now it’s full on.

No more Matchy-Matchy
As our aesthetics and design inclinations have shifted, what’s apparent today is that a no more matchy-matchy theory of bathroom design has caught our attention. And we’re loving it! This is intriguing from a bath point of view, especially in terms of the ever-growing choices in furniture-style cabinetry, including vanities and accent pieces. Creating a living room-esque feel in the bath has essentially moved ho-hum utilitarian pieces out and replaced them with far more elegant options. While we still love built-ins, true pieces of furniture such as graceful antique vanities make a style statement that built-ins simply cannot. Such anchor pieces can be just the catalyst for the larger foundation of the room. Antique vanities also add a heightened sense of personalization to the space.

We’ve found we’re not alone with liking the pairing of an antique vanity in a mix of mid-century modern in order to soften and add warmth to the aesthetic. But the key to making an ensemble like this work is to ensure that the space looks well thought out rather than a chaotic mish-mash. A recent National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Design Trends Survey says the continuation of popular styles in the marketplace, include “in with the old, out with the new.” This showcases the fact that “Traditional” will continue as one of the most popular design styles in bathrooms. It’s further evidence that our point of view on antique vanities is shared by the powers that be at the National Kitchen and Bath Association. That’s a good thing. However, we still want to keep “the new” — we just want to mix it up!

One final note: We’re so hot on the idea of antique vanities — that in addition to our existing wide-range portfolio of “real” furniture pieces in an array of styles — is adding even more of a selection to our antique vanity line. We think you’ll like what you see! Stay tuned for more.


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