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Color Trends - Neutrals are on our List for 2011
Posted on Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Pops of Color

What’s the hot color we’ll be wearing and decorating with this year? While the Pantone Color Institute has named Honeysuckle the “it” color for 2011 — we think it’s best to conjure it up for paint, towels, plus an occasional decorative accessory (and even perhaps for poetic wedding apparel). But, according to Pantone’s powers that be, this dynamic reddish pink, which is said to be encouraging and uplifting — could be just the “pop” we’re all looking for to “elevate our psyche beyond escape.”  Hmmm. You just gotta love the positive vibe, but time will ultimately tell if the shade saturates the market or not. Could honeysuckle be the next great bold accent in black-and-white designs? Or the modern tint for hip appliances?

The Winning Color Palette
Our bottom line for 2011’s color palette is the following proclamation: Choose what you like! And although we’re forever evolving our tastes, we’re still HUGE fans of black and white. Boring? Hardly. Cliché? Never. Here’s why. According to trend forecasters: As companions for brighter shades or as straightforward monochromatic standalone hues — neutrals remain hot. Neutrals can be perceived as playful, dramatic, tailored and elegant.  And as a companion shade to black and white — gray (including hematite, soft gray and charcoal) has gained a strong foothold in the design arena surpassing the lure of chocolate brown for paint, appliances, tiles (i.e., slate, stone and river rock) and more. It’s also the color repeatedly touted for turning a bathroom into a contemporary living space — not unlike the spa concept that’s been imitated for ages. You’ll definitely hear us referencing the bathroom as “a contemporary living space” — it’s a perfect way to upgrade the dialogue (and nuance) this utilitarian part of the home.
The portfolio of products is tuned into product trends to ensure that we’re tuned into you and your design aspirations. Whether design is traditional or modern, contemporary or unfussy — the neutral palette is sophisticated and classy for all. Now, just picture how dynamic your black and white palette will look when paired with chrome faucet fittings. Wow! Look for white — which never goes out of style — to take center stage in everything from tubs and vanities to sinks and commodes and for black to take over in the world of vanities. See for yourself in our online catalog at or in our showrooms, including our newest location in Staten Island.


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