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Behold the Faucet - How we adorn the Bath
Posted on Friday, February 4, 2011
Matte, shiny or a smooth satin sheen? What’s your pleasure? One of the reasons has such an amazing and seemingly endless assortment of faucets (lav and basin sets, shower columns and even bidets, for example) is because we like them! Mundane no more, replacing dated fixtures is the perfect pick-me-up for a bathroom renovation or to add something bold to a brand new design. Swap out the faucet in a tired space and you’ll see just how refreshed your bath (and you) feel.

Fave Finishes
We think that faucets and decorative hardware products should still be hailed as the jewelry for the bath. Now don’t groan, it’s not a cliché to say that. We think of faucets as the perfect way to personalize this all-important home space. They have been rightfully elevated in the pecking order of bathroom design to super star status. No matter how you shake it, these are big kid adornments, bling-bling and the icing on the cake. Okay, now you can groan.

Once the norm in the ‘30s, chrome remains a top-seller in faucets today for a couple of telling reasons. It has a clean modern look to it and its durability factor is solid, coupled with the fact that tarnish is a no-no. Technology has indeed worked wonders with creating abrasion-resistant materials. And just in terms of sheer volume, HGTV reports that chrome has it hands down in popularity among the masses. There are lots of designs and finishes to choose from in today’s competitive marketplace — everything from silver-tone and brushed finishes (our fave is brushed nickel) to bronzes, mixed-metals and even gold. But know this: Finish will determine price.

It’s likely you’ll go online to a website (like ours!) or visit a design showroom (like ours!) and find a variety of options with purposeful design — from smooth, gently rounded silhouettes to streamlined flattened and sleek contours. While some years back, manufacturers added in crystals and rare metals for a heightened faucet glam factor — we remain on the side of design that hands down manages to outshines and visually outperform with a broad sophisticated style. How will you ever decide? We think it’s intuitive. You’ll know it when you see it!


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