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Accessorize! Big Return, Low Investment
Posted on Monday, February 21, 2011
Not ready for a full remodel or a new bathroom design from scratch? Then here’s your thought for the day: Accessorize! There’s something to be said for cool modern and cutting-edge designs now available for some of the most basic utilitarian items — from double towel bars and shelf/rack combos to toilet paper holders and even soap dishes, toothbrush holders and corner shelves. Chuckle if you will, but these mundane bathroom accessories do fit into the context of the larger design aesthetic — with choices including beautiful brass and quadruple chrome finishes to alterations on base designs that elevate otherwise ordinary elements to wowzer status. For instance, Dé’s Fresca Generoso line is an example of modern design coupled with trend-worthiness!

Multifunction Décor
Think out of the box when you consider minimally styled geometric shapes (including square lines plus ovals, triangles and rectangles, among other shapes). Such hardware and bath accessories let you update a space with fashionable pieces that can be coordinated or eclectic — it just depends on your vision. For a coordinated minimalist expression, we like the Fresca Ottimo 26-inch towel bar for its solid unfussy styling, complemented by the bold Fresca Ottimo hook and Fresca Ottimo wall mounted soap dish. And the Fresca cover-less toilet paper holder looks like it just came straight from a modern hotel — furthering the Fresca line’s “hotel to home” appeal. This line has good looks and good value — all Fresca products are 10 percent off in conjunction with the grand opening of’s brand new 10,000-square foot showroom in Staten Island, NY.

Today’s wall mounted towel racks have far-reaching usage. We’re happy to say that the ultimate bathroom staple is now so stylish that it’s crossing over into the kitchen and being used to hold towels there too! We like it! We also like towel racks with multiple bars for mega function. It’s what we call “picture perfect Euro-style simplicity.”


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