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Clean uncluttered lines and fluid harmonious shapes are the classic trappings of today’s modern bath.

To begin the process of remodeling and renovation of the bath space (guest, powder or master), the first thing to do is evaluate the space boundaries. While your original bath was probably nice when the home was initially occupied (if you aren’t in new construction), now it is likely seriously dated.

Designers suggest the time had arrived to embrace a refinement of scale. For sophisticated homeowners’ with a desire to transform the master bath, for instance, (from entryway to dressing area) into a naturally relaxing and personalized therapeutic retreat, is perfect for you. There are a number of fine-tuned choices to make, including sourcing for the latest color, material and finish trends in addition to the product mix. Review the offerings on and you’ll see exactly what’s hot in the marketplace now. Let us be your guide and resource.

Luxury Bath Suites Get Noticed

While mix-n-match certainly has its place design-wise, some manufacturers are offering product suites that embrace the “hotel to home” standard of luxury, putting emphasis on the “coordinated look.”

Our product offerings allow you to create a product suite that will enhance your décor to the nines. You’re the decider — choosing which products will best fit your “suite.”

Those in the know, recognize that suites are the latest story in contemporary bathroom styling. Here’s an idea for your consideration based on our product selection for a modern budget-minded suite pairing (think guest or powder room):

Bath Vanity: $299

The uber-hip Cristallino is designed with Italian panache. It has sleek and innovative appeal is based on a number of elements:

  • Glass Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Accents
  • 1 Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf
  • Chrome Faucet

Toilet: Demeter Dual Flush Toilet $289

A fantastic modern design dual flush toilet. This toilet gives you two flushing capacity options.

Assorted Bathroom Accessories

Choose a package of accessories with modern design nuanced in a number of product configurations. We’ve opted for the Magnifico Series for this suite. Products in the series come with Quadruple chrome finish and tempered glass (where apropos).

  • Round magazine wire basket: $67.76.
  • Glass toilet brush set wall model: $51.04.
  • Towel Ring: $29.82
  • Make-up mirror, wall model: $109
  • Bath towel rack with towel bar: $111.39
  • Shelf with railing, 21 inch: $122.41
  • Glass soap dish, wall model: $14.57

In essence, this budget-minded concept suite is still chock-full of a top-notch product line-up that’s both good-looking and well priced with a minimalist/modern sensibility to it too.

Your total for all of the above? A little over a $1,000!

And just think — it’s modern, original, functional and smart. It’s also a huge convenience to purchase from one source. That’s right, count on, we’ve got the goods. And be sure to check out all our high quality bathroom vanities.


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