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Quality and Flair Highlight Powder Room Sink Trends
Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Despite being a petite space, designers believe all bets are off when it comes to the powder room. Here, all indicators claim the vessel bowl as king. By sheer virtue of its size, the powder room doesn’t have the same demands as a master bathroom where durability and clean-ability are priorities. Many designers have alluded to the fact that they tend not to specify vessel bowls in master baths, but will do so with gusto in the powder room, where it’s all about the “wow” factor. Even still, function-wise, keep in mind that some vessel bowls have a countersunk bottom to allow for complete draining. You get the best of both worlds with this niche: function and beauty.

The bowls on that make a huge decor impact but won’t break your budget are numerous. Consider thick, tempered-glass vessel sink with rounded upper edges. Here are just a few options:

Imagine any of the above items in your home. Now picture the following scenario happening: Guests close the door (to the powder room) and start turning things over, even checking labels because they are curious about how you did it! That’s the best impetus for pulling out all of the stops.

Let be your guide to “pulling out the stops” since it leads us to several big trends in vessel sinks, which include:

  • jewel-tones
  • color changing fiber-optics
  • fractured surface materials to reflect light.

Through the use of creatively designed vessel sinks (i.e., seated above the countertop), designers are able to add rich colors into the powder room. On, we showcase several a colorful bowls for your decorating pleasure, including:

Shapes are intriguing too. Not all are what you might expect. For example, one of our favorites is the Concentric Square Glass Vessel Sink for $109.

The future just might hold even more compelling uses of materials. There’s a chance we’ll even see welded steel making a resurgence, in vessel bowls. Shallow, wide basin sinks are definitely popular right now, as are the waterfall like faucets that go with them.
Spa bathrooms have led to more refined materials, reports designers in the know. Rectangular shaped porcelain sinks in soft pastel spa tones lead the pack right now.

So now that you’ve got your vessel, time to choose a faucet. Here are our rules for doing so:

  • Select counter-top mount faucets since these are designed to purposefully be higher than your standard faucets, or
  • To save space, choose wall-mounted faucets.

Check the faucet product category on to guide you in your decision making process. We suggest you review vessel faucets. The list is a sub category of bathroom faucets on our web site. makes it easy for you with photos and size detailing too.


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