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Get the Popcorn! Watch on YouTube
Posted on Monday, September 14, 2009

If you’re interested in seeing what has to offer, our website is the resource for bath vanities, sinks and related must have accessory items and more. Hands down. But now, we’re taking our design expertise and all we offer to the social marketing level — and we’re calling it our Insider’s Guide — “YouTube meets DecorPlanet.” Now at your disposal, you’ll find visually eye-catching videos that combine easy listening commentary on select products with great images that showcase our outstanding array of lux for less bathroom vanities. You’ll also find informative easy to follow instructive installation videos for the DIY marketplace. It’s a non-stop plethora of information.

How do you find us on YouTube? It’s a snap. Just search for and you’ll find one video after another after another. It’s addictive. Going shopping like this gives a whole new meaning to the word shopaholic!

We know that most of us are turning off the television and watching videos online (go ahead, admit it!). And since YouTube is the destination, we simply didn’t want to feel left out. is now connected with a broader audience of design savvy homeowners. There are lots of you out there! Get to know one another. Thanks to our YouTube videos, even more homeowners are now accessing our website. And on the flip side of that, we’ve gotten rave reviews from current customers who love the “up close and personal” feeling that our YouTube videos present. While still photos are always useful, there’s nothing quite like seeing each item from a variety of angles and having a chance to truly visualize space dimensions, storage capabilities, and slow closing drawer mechanisms among other compelling product benefits such as our simple one touch pop-up drains, one of our best selling sink features.

See for yourself. Turn off the TV and head to to find


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